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The stars are now set into motion
In the deep blue celestial sea

I stand between the two oceans
That exist in and outside of me

My bounty lies over the ocean 
Beyond the deepest blue sea

Gone further than any emotion
My love is my bounty to Thee

The time now seems to move slowly
If into this moment we give

All the attention to only
A reason to love and to live

Oh bring back...bring back...Oh bring back Thy bounty to me
And I'll bring back...bring back...I'll bring back my bounty to Thee.

I remain on this wide ocean standing
A bright star I seek in the sky
My heart and my soul understanding...
My head will keep wondering why.

One Small Token            Nemo-San

'How Doth the Little Crocodile'. 1998.
Leonora Carrington        Artist

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