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Have you never wondered how far is that star
At night time it's always right there where you are
Have you ever danced by the light of the moon
Have you ever felt the tide when it swoons
Did you ever then taste the salt in the spray
Or sing with the seagulls 'o lolly all day
There is a vast ocean which is ever above
A heart swims the distance toward that which it loves
The heart is a token for whatever it's worth
It comes when we honor the sky and the earth
The number of beats that a heart it will make
Will resound its love by the care that we take
I offer the number of beats from my heart
In a bottle there's a message with a map and a chart
If you follow this heart map and come back to me
I will meet you down where the land meets the sea
Within the cool sand our footprints we'll make
And then our impressions the waves they will take
The star is a token the heavens impart
The earth is a gift that comes with a heart
The heart doesn't care how deep or far
The distance or time to touch a bright star
When a mermaid takes me to swim in the light
The starfish and I will dance through the night
It's in a reflection when waves reach the shore
Memories come back to us like they did once before
Have you ever wondered how scattered we are
So like in the heavens we are spread out like stars
My heart was caught by a net in the sky
Tonight I was caught wiping stars from my eyes
     A Friend Along The Path

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