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*** written for a very special someone***

There is love deeper than any other I have ever seen
Love that tears your heart out right out of your chest
Love so intense that it hurts and makes your body vibrate in ecstasy.
Unconditional and timeless, life after life, always loving that one soul.

Everything else we might think its love or think we know of it.
It isn’t it my brothers and sisters, that isn’t love,
That is physical attraction and lust, as much as I had to admit it
It is a dependency and fear of being alone.

The love I want to show you is so deep that it never goes away.
No matter what the person does and where he is,
You will always love you and no matter how much you would try,
You will fail in forgetting him and the feeling will never lessen its intensity.

The moment you see his eyes and hear his voice, your feet will tremble
Your entire body will shake from the tension of your bond
Only a word from him will melt your heart
And words will not ever be needed, you will know what he feels and what he needs.

A bond that you both feel and that connects you through time,
Nothing can break this bond, no matter what arguments arise
You two will match like hand in a glove, perfectly fitting in any aspect
An opposite of each other that completes one another in the most perfect way.

The flaws you both will have will even be perfect.
Because you will see the soul behind those beautiful eyes.
Its eternal heart will beat together with yours and will see infinity in it.
One time in my life, in every life till now I have lived to feel my eternal flame.

The love of my life that I will never let go,
That I am proud to be allowed to love and gaze in his eyes,
To see his perfection in his eternal soul
And feel the magic of his fingertips on my skin
To hear I love you from his lips and feel it in every cell.

My beautiful perfect eternal flame,
Our bond is perfection on its own because it’s made in heaven.
Perfection doesn’t mean without flaws because nothing is that way.
It means perfectly matching and mirroring one another
So both can grow in this life and the next.
Spiritual magical bond made in the ether
For two souls who always belong to one another.

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