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With the blue angels I walked upon the road of stars

Slowly floated up, up and beyond the veil we all see

Behind the veil a world was revealed more beautiful than any you can imagine

Stars countless shining at the horizon, the blackness of space was light up

There was no darkness only light not ignited

Spaces shadowed by doubt, matter covering the light

Yet all there was, was light eternal and everlasting

It was me and you and all the stars you see.

The angels took me up on the invisible energy between the stars

Thin enough to go through strong enough to hold the world

It was the blood stream of the beloved, it connected spirit and matter

It brought together all the stars and all the planets

Like a net stretching throughout all creation

Tunnels it had from one layer to another

One world to another, some made o water another made of air,

Third like ours only earth, so many different layers I couldn’t count.


“look and see the beauty of creation, be the one to tell of it.

Write the words divine, use the gift given to you

To tell the world of the eternal nature of the light”


Through a tunnel we went, down the tunnel made of stars we jumped,

It was spinning and spinning, fast enough to make the stars around us look linear.

I looked and before, outside of the tunnel and there she was in all her beauty

The queen of the night, a star made of red light bigger than any I have seen,

Around her, her child; a smaller blue star dancing around it for many years to come.

The ancients knew this queen of the sky they bowed to her eternal shine

Though her might has vanished with the sands of time

Down the drain of memory lane.


Around the queen and her child seven siblings

Three big ones and four smaller, each of the big ones with 3 moons.

It was a world far beyond our sight, hidden behind the veil of time

The land of the gods ruled by the queen of the night

Here is where we all came from brothers, look and stare in awe

At the immense power of the eternal world

On one of the moons of the biggest planet of them all,

People lived, creatures like us but blue skinned.

Scull longer than ours elongated, eyes big and black,

Thinner and taller bodies, three fingers and power above any we know.


Long ago they created us, the human race together with others.

They are the fathers of mankind they and only they are the missing link

Though a link we will never see with mortal eyes,

Only with the eyes of the soul hidden deep inside our mind.

They exist in the mysterious river of time forever printed in our memory

Within our blood stream and every cell, ancestors of humanity.


God is god it is the unity of all the matter and all the energy,

It is the ocean of mind of all of us together it is the eternal wave

Where from all our souls came from, it is the invisible stream of life

It is what created our souls, but the body we live in has another creator

Beings just like us, living breathing thriving somewhere far away.

Masters of science for whom nothing was impossible.


Look through my eyes and see this world of perfection

Understand ours can be just like this

If we only put ego aside, selfishness on a second line.

Thought of another first, loved each other as we love ourselves.

There is nothing that can’t be done with love it is the ultimate power

It creates out of nothing, it makes the impossible possible

It moves mountains and splits rivers.

Not lust or attraction, no I mean love unconditional

Love unlike any on earth, love that makes your heart explode

That is impossible to break or ignore

Love that surpasses the sands of time and rises above any veil

That goes beyond any matter and moves from time to time

Again and again, pulling souls together without any effort.

Love that sparks with a single thought and a single touch.

Once sparked it never goes out, burns like the fire of life


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Comment by flameinthesnow on October 22, 2017 at 10:53am

Lovely, thank you for expressing this Anki. 

Comment by Travis on October 6, 2017 at 1:11pm

Excellent! Thank you

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