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I’m a cotton seed sower, the righteous whistle blower

the stand-in or stunt man for the star

I get down on all fours when I’m scrubbing your floors 

I rub the shine right into your car

I put no one above you for as long as I love you

and that’s as long as the oceans will roar

Still there will always be another salt of the earth brother

For I am expendably yours

It’s modest to think that I’m not that important

All outcomes are out of our hands

I’m gladly expendable if I am dependable 

for as long as the hour demands

And let my heart rescue what it won’t ask you

and retreat from the land it explores

Pull the speed of the plow to where I’ll do without you

I remain expendably yours

We write programs, do card tricks, rap hip-hop, pen limericks

The volunteers line up at the door

You’ve seen plenty of them, we’re all dime-a-dozen

I remember when a dime was worth more

Among you I am equal, along with the meek will

inherit all that has gone down before

You people in power remind me of cowards

I still am expendably yours

                                            John Savlove/SaveLove Music, Inc./Marc

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