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Perhaps its in these extremities of spectrum that can lead use to something more.
Something higher.
If one is to meditate on nature itself, I would see the changing of the seasons and the beauty it brings along with all of the small, subtle changes that occur in the ecosystems, the relationships/associations.
Chaos in silence.
If we look within, we see this mirrored to some degree. The pain of loss, the joy of the new. Habit, effort, and form.

If we are intent on seeking more, then both sides of scale must be considered, experienced, and accepted. Not rectified or solved, but brought closer.

Death is a great motivator, because it brings meaning to life.
And perhaps its music that brings us closer to this ebb and flow through the emotions conveyed in sound driven by these patterns.
Those of love and loss, life and death.

The spark is created by friction.
Rather than focusing on the friction, maybe accept that you hold both stones in your own hands.

Above and Beyond - Flying by Candlelight

Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston - My Own Hymn

Fear Factory - Archetype
"You must never forget the essence of your spark"

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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