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Inside my heart there is a flame, shining like the father above

Dancing to the rhythm of mother below, forever burning.

A sun within my heart, the birth of all creation

A seat of the soul and the flower of life.

Such beauty is only surpassed by Venus and Helen of Troy.


The inner sun it is called, a second of three that shine.

One beneath our feet inside the chest of the mother

One in our hearts and one in the eye of the father.

Holy Trinity in its purest form, the above equal to the below.

Those who have ears hear me, for these truths are eternal.


The laws of the sun are simple yet deeper than the oceans.

To its wave similar, it is, yet it heals by fire

The first baptism was by water my dear brothers, it healed the body

The second will be by fire to cleanse the soul from mortal dust

At the moment that our souls are reborn again

In the realm of the gods.


There is nothing egocentric in accepting one's true nature.

That isn’t to be a mere mortal, one doesn’t live just to work and eat.

Thou purpose is to realize your divinity and the immense power

Hiding in the sun within your own chest.

The lotus that is opened with love and closes with hate.


All truths are half-truths, all except the one in your soul.

Open your hearts to the higher mind, to the eye of eyes

To the apple of Adam, in the center of your brain

The apple growing in the tree of knowledge, that thrives inside your heads.


Good and evil is created when the mind is closed to the father.

When one only sees outside of themselves and forgets their true nature

The simple conscious mind doesn’t accept that which it can't see

That is only accepted by the sleeping dragon in your soul

The unconscious mind, forever connected to the father.

Open your mind, my brothers, look into your father’s eye

And realize you are one and the same.

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Comment by anki on February 21, 2019 at 5:19pm

experience isn't a click on a keyboard it is a lot more, so are the concepts of hell and heaven. 

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