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If we are to consider things from an magickal perspective, I would say that the simplest definitions of what the operator works with are those of force and form.
Now if you apply those two concepts on a more standardized perspective of the world, I believe there are some practical analogies that can be made.
Consider the form of any religion, then consider the force that projects through its law.
Also consider the form of a government, and its judicial system.
We can consider form and force acting on a societal dimension.

Now allow me to take this relationship further into the present and consider the future.

Social media personalities, meme's, video games, movies, anime, hold a good amount of attention nowadays. These are forms that also fulfill the component of force.
These characters and stories are our new mythologies.
These new mythologies un-doubtably influence our behaviors, and now that everyone can view and interact online, Billions of minds across the world interact.

On the personality subject, people identify more with online avatars than real humans face to face. Interaction more commonly occurs with pixelated personas, rather than a living, breathing human.
I wonder if there is not some big booty goddess that can only be worshipped through "subs" and "likes" floating in the ether right now. The name of that thoughtform I would assume rhymes with "tar-ga-shi-on". Kinda Star Trekky sounding, eh?

So we have those dynamics, now also consider social media in the forms of facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, and snapchat from a "service" provider perspective.
Petabytes of data uploaded and shared daily. Facebook purchases types of memory storage that is efficient at writing data once, then reading that data many times.
After that data has existed beyond its predicted life span, that data is removed to allow for new data to enter. There is a finite amount of storage space collectively available.

My general opinion of this current epoch of civilization we exist in, the one that bothers me the most, is that life is no longer experienced. Experienced fully and authentically.
Its recorded, uploaded, and shared rather than perceived, accepted, and integrated.
Who's the bot now?

Additionally, think about the speed at which ideas and words travel at now.
Not too long ago one had to take time to hand write out words.
And those words needed to carry a lot as those letters traveled slow and payment was for travel was relatively expensive monetarily.
Hell, even the ability to write words was a rare thing not too long ago, in the general population.
Now we are left with reckless words regurgitated and then digitized for mass consumption. Progress?

It would appear to me that we are collectively creating a new reality, and have been for a couple of decades since this monster of information has been released.
This monster is monetized, manipulated, and dominated by the corporations that provide the "service" for sharing. These "services" also own everything you have typed and uploaded. They are, caretakers, custodians of your digital experience.

The speed at which production and consumption occurs of "information" leaves very little room, if any, for actual thought. This occurs in the news media now more often than not, were we now have click bait instead of fact checkers (yeah, that used to be an actual job in news media).

Look, I like data and information when it comes to problem solving, and the progression in terms of accessibility to worthy/valuable information I am on board with. Its all of the other trash that joins the information highway bandwagon.
And just generally speaking, progression is cool, but we need to carefully conscious of what we are leaving behind after this progress.

Consider the extremity of this path.
What if after this culling of our life experiences, pictures/desires/thoughts/emotions, and all are finally digitized, uploaded, and analyzed, what form of existence and consciousness will arise to stand in this new reality that we have so generously donated to.
Regardless whatever stands there, I will bet that it wears boots, and I bet that we will become intimately familiar with the tread on those soles...

The Individual IS Paramount

As Within So Without

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