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Wed July 4st  2018     

 My wife came to find me while cleaning my Work Van. She was holding a towel with a new to this world cat. It was a kitten that was about 4-5 weeks of age. It was feeding time and she went to care for it and its siblings. Its Cat Rescue here at our place that it is a normal activity to have displaced and orphaned kittens that need direct attention for feeding and cleaning do to no mother. The kitten was in the last stages of Fading Kitten Syndrome. Something that indicates the body simply shutting down for unknown and or multiple reasons. She was crying and said “Will you please help” She is not totally understanding of my awakening and what I have become yet knew to ask for help since I had done so before. She said this little one was just fine only 5 hours ago and now I don’t think it’s going to make it. I took the kitten from her and looked to view its condition. It was gasping for air about every 4-5 seconds and was totally lifeless otherwise. I think that she actually knew that it would not make it and was asking me to end the suffering. I sat for a moment and focused on what I needed to know to help. Being that I know I am a healer yet not had a lot of tangible experience doing so. I told her to go back to her day and I would do what I could. I shut the door of my van and took the kitten to my private office space in my shop where I have worked a lot to create a space that holds positive vibes. I put on some healing music and then sat down to meditate with the cat in my arms. I focused again and called out to Michael for help not knowing who to ask for help from. The name Raphael came to me so I then openly asked Michael and Raphael for help. I sat for a moment and then picked up a Amethyst crystal placing it next to the kitten and then played a healing bowl while focusing on healing it for about 30 min. After that I looked to see how she (the kitten) was doing and I could see that breathes where no longer a struggle for life. She was no longer totally limp yet still mostly unresponsive. I then looked again after another 10 minutes. She was now responsive and I rubbed her head and I thought for a moment that she was purring and that would be a bit unusual for a kitten that small to do just that and when week as well. I figured that the kitten was simply suffering from a congested head and that was what I heard. I then feeling a bit tired said thank you for the help and took her in the house. I went a laid down in bed holding her close still focusing on giving her all the energy that I had as assistance. Since I have a hard time keeping it to myself that is not hard for me to do. After laying down I then rubbed her head and then knew that she was purring and I felt grateful for the acknowledgment from the kitten as thanks for helping her. About 30 min later my wife came in and asked how it was doing and she viewed it then she gave it (a bit forcefully) a small amount of milk only about 2 mml and I then laid back down for a while. A bit later my wife came in and said should I cage her now so that we can get some sleep? I told her I didn’t want to roll over on her will I was sleeping and yet knew that all was going to be alright. The next morning (about 4 AM) she brought woke me with the kitten walking around on my chest and it rubbed up against my chin and was purring loudly and she said it ate 17 mill of milk and that she could not tell that it ever had a difficulty. That evening when I arrived home the kitten was running and playing with its siblings as well as they can at that age and you would never know anything had brought it down. Similar situations like that have taken place with rather long time frame for results once they are positive that is.

 I just today, it being since last Sunday looked up to see who Raphael was. I asked for help wile healing the kitten not knowing who to ask for yet knowing only to find that there was no better choice. The best I can say of what I found in reference and that offers to validation my personal experience.

 Angel Raphael is known to be the ultimate emotional and physical healer in the realm of angels. He is not only the healer of people but he even guides healers in their healing exercise.

 I now sit here a bit aside myself while I put this experience in words to see from a new perspective of how I have been experiencing more. Showing me what I have to offer the world.

 All my best.

 Archer De Angelo

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