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What I can see generally are two mindsets. One based in fear, the other based in accepted ignorance.
There is fear driving action and decision, then there is the attempt to escape from fear.
Which makes things easy for those who accept this predator/anima based mindset.
If you break it down to the instinctual level, a female bear with her cubs is not a situation you want to mess with.
Same could be said when considering the current state of "masculine/animus" energy.
Keep in mind that the metaphor that included a "female" bear is simply that. My attempt to explain an energy that resides in both sexes.
Think in terms of Hermetic Law, in that there are spectrums of energies and not absolutes.
Think holding onto shit (stuff, titles, expectations), clinging on to others (mommy, the approved/comfortable system of capitalistic life, ie you have lots of shiny stuff therefore you are of worth), for a male mindset.

Back to fear. There is fear that is justified and cultivated through experience. Learned fears are passed down from generation to generation.
Perhaps in early humankind times certain fears were passed down as survival tools. Justified via adaptation to environmental signals.

Now in this current epoch, or whatever you want to call it, we have the ability to connect, influence, and change (depending on your associations) at all levels.
Political leaders can change economic law and affect entire countries and regions.
Pop culture/public media can influence and alter the mindsets of an entire generation of people that can carry on with those people the rest of their life.
Social apps like fbook and twitter can influence people at a more "personal" level now via dopamine triggers.

Change is all around us. The crazy thing is that the result of an input, interaction, word, sound, can have the potential, as it does today, for such far reaching impacts, responses, and results.

From my perspective when considering these things, at a macro societal level and considering history, we look like chimps wielding flaming swords charging into the night swinging at anything that moves, generally speaking of course.

Slow shit down, think. It's not a "bad" thing, thinking. But it's another piece to the puzzle.
All things in balance.

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Comment by Chris Kelley on May 12, 2019 at 5:07pm

Illusion, is seeking that which cannot be perceived, currently. And ignoring the possibility that truth was always here, now.

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