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The serpent does not bite the one who dreams, one does not need to climb the highest mountain, to be reborn in flames, do you dream?


A gold that remains, even in the flames, eternal awareness.


In order to accept all things, one must be willing to release all things, how can this happen without rejection of all things, in this lay faith.


The individual must harmonize to become universal, the primary thing to release is the body (the primary channel of awareness, and the seat of vibrant flux) not in an annihilation but as mental focus, can I see through the eyes without thinking through them, and can feeling extend beyond the body -initiation into the waters!- merging with global flux.


The character harmonizes the individual with the essential, then the ethic of character is the same as its essence, reap as you sow, this is the common sense of the essential individual -unified complexity.-.


As the individual becomes more complex, the community arises in unity, the community cannot exist without defined individuals, only a cult can exist otherwise -the individual becoming operational- each informed and made alive by the society, this is precisely slave mentality -what ruled tribes?- the kind that place kings as gods (not by the decree of a church, but viewing the kings themselves as gods, or the children of gods) the holy kings were a dilution of an ancient tradition, lacking the powers split off to the church.


The king that seeks to control the faith -by the use of brute power- or the religion which seeks to do the same, it is shocking that some would consider this anything but dilution (yet the cunning mind is very good, at creating relative superiority, by viewing that which one wishes to view.) the power of tradition was fading, even in the time of Homer -lacking a true root- those few who earned the right to rule, they fed the masses of incompetent rulers -who merely claim a title- this is the method of ever increasing dilution.


The last mild upswing came in Europe, with the idea of knights and chivalry, in the tales of knighthood are dying elements, the ideas of true aristocracy, the divine right to rule -unless the whole society may see- there can be no root to determine worth here.


Why slaves?


What happens when a gradual shift begins, a tribe is already the final decaying element, of a societal system that has reached perfection, with highly complex social structures -should one really imagine no change?- the modern tribe crumbled under the weight of its own success, it began to be supplanted long ago.


Tribes either become hordes or cities, though a few may remain if there is continued wisdom, development and change do not stop -growth that is not only lateral!- for a time they warred for supremacy, two mental species vying for control.


Why slaves?


They are the core of an old way, one in which a primitive mind is informed, by the guidance of environmental constructs, when winter comes the people look for leaders, a time when bonding was not accepted, it was necessitated.


With the rise of hordes and cities, the environmental construct shifts the grounds, but one continues to use an old paradigm -every capitalist knows slaves are economical- each individual is bound to that construct (they have no other way to base their thinking, even in fighting against it -one turns to kings or leaders and flips the coin- it flips back at a slight tumble) all thinking is based in it.


The evolution comes because of a basic ground, it has made the aware process increasingly untenable, the system rises and then falls in complexity (Egypt/Babylon/Athens/Rome -was Moscow the last great empire city?- it rises until it is crushed by its own weight, the suffering increases as the dysfunction grows) complexity continues to arise, but greater complexity demands a greater integrity, or it disintegrates and the lower rung shifts (the lower rung is that of the individual, in each phase came great advocates -they probed the depths for integrity- finding integrity so clearly lacking) each shift is an experiment.


The United States did not begin as an empire, it began as one of the first fully realized experiments (it’s depth was so strong, the bones remain, as the shell decays) America is an experiment, one that began a long line of disintegrations, beginning with the civil war (or perhaps before, but what is a timeline but convenience?) it has failed but remains a noble experiment, one willing to risk the wrong -just as the EU perhaps.-.


These entities continue to build on the same ground, empires forged through war, demanding the obedience of their subjects, there is nothing rooted about territorial lines (only the history of victors, this gives the slightest merit to the idea, yet remains entirely haphazard to the physical) they are bound to failure, yet these failures must arise to show a path.


One is not right or wrong, if built with intelligence they are purposeful (looking to that which is wrong, one sees a continual spiral about an idea -but they are wrong!- still they point to a truth) denying the idea for the sake of right is blindness, for ideas do not arise right (foraging for chanterelles, I am wrong and spot a dozen leaves -this does not make the exploration wrong- even with meager pickings I learn) yet entire ideas meriting worth remain discarded, they were wrong.


The process cannot be ended, because the community arose due to complexity -that of the individual- it is bound in complexity, each individual who truly arises -from the level of the subsisting mass- they begin to recreate that depth by instinct, it is who they are -thus seeking a different way- when the way is blocked to this complexity, the entity shifts within itself, seeking to express that which is its true foundation.


Awareness must have vibrant being, the awareness consists of the sudden changes (arising in flashes, without continually shifting input it grows dull) the greater interconnections define awareness, the body itself is fleeting in all sensation, if awareness has an essential root -universal amongst existence- then it is eternal.


If mind is to move beyond environmental construct, it must deepen avenues of interconnection, the very unification of increasing complexity, means deepening the flux of life, is awareness a strange attractor?


Without this, one is fundamentally a slave, by their own demand they are slaves, but what is fundamentally wrong with slavery -that is an uncomfortable question- only because the tradition of humanity is diluted, one sees the failure of dilution instead of the core, what if we are natural?


A true shift does not come from the apex however, it comes from the fulcrum, one pushes toward new streams, they cannot push the mass -not Socrates/Buddha nor Christ may do this- the change begins from a core mass of humanity, not seeking the summit but life itself -then one pushes at the tip and shifts- integral leadership and not force.


Ah, but very foolish, I cannot even lead myself!


So one goes under and follows her flux, the lady of the mist, borne beyond this body, and never without it.


It is unfortunate that I began this, planning to die and thus possessing nothing -not already lost- however the goal was to delve -into something of worth- to leave something of worth behind, if I cannot make the cross -for I am truly not willing!- so be it, better to die seeking something, then to live for nothing.

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Comment by Loki on July 20, 2016 at 11:32pm

To say slave mentality is not to say that it could be considered slavery, but that a tribal society might have relatively strict guidelines (with few differentiated tasks -wood/clothing/food/tools- the direction is much closer to simple leadership, directing people to the few necessities) if one fights against this, they either change the customs to shift closer to their own (likely by force, also being rooted into the same society by birth, therefore merely shifting) or they are likely killed or exiled, each follows the tribe, and they are bound by the limits of their own two feet, along with distrust of outsiders -among a majority of alternate tribes- this imagined scene is not slavery but the life.

In each individual there is acceptance, yet it is not chosen, it is simply the way things are, if the society is denied, it very possibly results in stigma or death -thus forming the core- that mentality found in the base of slave mentality, the external reality of slavery -this arises with cities and nomadic clusters- it does not come until larger populations are reached.

In cities or nomadic groups, many thousands gather -these consist of numerous tribes- each tribe is gradually brought into a singular entity, an overall mindset prevails, yet this occurs among a diverse collection, one tribe begins to dominate the others over time.

There have been countless societies over the course of history, if a vegetarian society begins to dominate, that view begins to oppress others as being the right, in the past feminine societies have arisen (some enforced practices like the castration of male priests, this was seemingly done willing, even with reverence by the priests) in a society dominated by one prevailing view, what happens to the minorities?

One might argue that slaves arose, through such beginning conflicts -this is the question- is there something at the core of the very paradigm, something that demands an allegiance, without any particular liberty, while it does not begin as slavery, it forms the root of slavery (when the environment of larger groups forms, without an equal shift in the mind, singular acceptance eventually wins out over diverse perspective) the end result is the mentality of nationalism.

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