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Ever had something happen that just flipped your life upside down, and yet it made everything suddenly make sense? Those random wildcards, those nobodies that come along in your life and show you something new. When it's the profoundness, it can light a fire in your heart, and bring tears to your eyes.

Not tears of sorrow, or shame. But tears of absolute overwhelming overcome by truth and the all.

Some of it may make you angry at first, make you want to lose control, go out there on a system of revenge, and undertaking a path to exert this rage. And when you accept that it could never be any other way, you cry, you break down in tears. Tears of compassion. Tears of joy. Tears of transmutation.

These tears will continue until every once of your rage has subsided. From these waters, out from the ducts, There are the true baptismal waters of men. If a doctor would just but flash freeze these once. The tears from the men who cry. Tears which words can only compound, and let the water flow ever so hardly as the chemical emotions create a waterfall of intense, site drenching, sight losing, muscle straining sobbing as he is told YOU LOVE HIM with the toughest conviction he has ever known, spawning from both polarities of true emotion.

And when this one comes to realize, that despite the truth being so gruesome and grim, there truly is a silver lining on the cloud that pours so heavily. A lining once looked beyond, will allow Him to ascend above that cloud towards it's path. And beyond that cloud is a golden ball of beautiful light, truth, and understanding. An understanding that these "horrible" experiences, and these "struggles", were only but the building blocks that turn one into the true man he is. This is where his power lay, and never shall it ever be to overthrow a system into chaos.

The rage subsides. He forgives. He forgets. And with this knew knowledge, he carries on only all the more aware. Aware that they are NOT things that should be trifled with, nor destroyed, in the end, only enlightened, as they are the teachers that will find the golden sun upon first trickle of light, and know exactly what to do with it in the interest of all, the interest of order.


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Comment by Nemo on April 27, 2013 at 9:18am

"The barn...having burned down, I can now see the moon."   Zen Mind

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