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Force, form, intellect, intuition, imagination

Alright, lets get down to brass tacks here. Let me start off by saying that the terms "force" and "form" (in regards to magickal manifestation) are taken from Frater Xavier. So I need to cite his influence. 
All of this though is a soft questionnaire in regards to what I read and experienced.
What I am attempting to cover here will need more thought and consideration than a single post. Which I am thankfull for because it gives me direction to some degree. Hopefully, it sparks ideas and questions in your own mind.
In lieu of that thought, let us lay some foundation before delving into the details.

Force, for me this can be emotion or intention of thought. Consider a word that escapes at the moment of necessity and you try, try to produce it but only after you have forgotten about the conflict does it appear to you (we will definitely have to dive into this more). I would consider the effort put forth before the release as a type of force. Maybe water behind a damn is worthy metaphor, or it could be the mass of water flowing in a river that has the consistent nature to shape rock.

Form for me is the boundaries of thought and feeling you work with. Say you work in a very specific field, say health inspector. Regardless of whether you were somehow drawn to that profession or not, that perspective will consume a good portion of you thoughts throughout the day. Boundaries that direct thought. This will have importance because what you do and think about after work, will not be single minded. There are errands to run, shows to watch, and distractions to behold. Your consistent effort to uphold your duty as a health inspector will dominate the construction of your mental boundaries. You will see eating out in a different light.

Intellect I can see as a culmination of constructs. What I mean by constructs are that of ideas translated through words. Each word is a piece in the mechanism. Can you see a tree without thinking of the word tree? That is then part of the ecological system. It provides shade, and a place for birds to land. Can you think of a bird without picturing it landing on the branch of a tree. These relationship make up our intellect in my opinion.

Intuition is from the "gut". Very interesting considering recent physiological studies involving bacteria in the stomach and intestines. If you can imagine your body as a collection of tiny organisms or cells, then each one has a tiny nervous system. If this is true and you live in a symbiotic relationship with those organisms, is it possible for them to receive your own thoughts? Those thoughts with enough energy to be imprinted into their collective nervous system? And then when you are in need of feedback, they produce just? 
Or does intuition germinate from the subconscious after enough experience has been accumulated for the individual? Or is it a combination of the two that combines survival and experience?

Imagination. This is a good one. Are your fantasies driven my emotion or deep seeded biological needs? Or is tempered and driven by the subconscious mind need to speak? What if it could be reigned in and directed to both analyze all of the above and produce models of understanding that can be worked with? Could it be the voice of Holy Guardian Angel? Or could it be a trap to ensnare the logical mind when dealing with the material world?

Do we even need to ask these questions to begin with? If you were to consider what we are not asking en masse now, I would respond YES. 

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