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Hey I have come to these realizations over the past few days and I am coming out as a FREE BIRD or FREE SPIRIT

I never really knew what that meant but I always new i was different. I never really understood why I didnt like to be in relationships and i never really knew why I didnt like to eat animals - other peiple didt care and my instincts told me i should not, so I would not. And it also always confused me, and it still does, to know that people CHOOSE to continue doing something they dont like, for example jobs that they hate. and then they complain about it and im like 'ok so why dont you change jobs?' and a person will not answer that question. That doesnt make sense to me it confuses the hell outta me. Same way when people CHOOSE to be mean to one another. I can see it all and it is all a bit mental to me but now I have accepted that I am a free sspirit and I will always be different. My spirit is free from the constraints others are disillusioned by. I am so lucky but I am a minority and these realizations are something I have had to take a very long time to understand and to accept.

I will probably never have a traditional family and now that is OK with me. I like men and I like women, I like black people and I like white people, I like it all. because my soul knows no boundaries and my soul speaks only love. I literally do not know how to hate. And if someone lies, I choose to believe those lies, because I choose to have FAITH and I BELIEVE in people. It is only now that I am beginning to recognize that uncomfortable feeling I get when someone is lying.. I have to adapt from a state of trust and love to a space of recognizing a familiar feeling when someone lies. its not because im stupid or 'omg, so naive'. 

Anyways this is a letter to myself and to other freebirds and maybe someone will relate. or maybe others will see a glimpse of something 'else'. I always thought there was something wrong with me but actually it is theworld that has much wrong with it, at least i think so anyway. Also some people might think frebebirds might choose to be the way they are. but i can tell you I quite simply did not choose to be this, it is just the way that I am. And now I no longer feel the need to try hard to conform to societal standards or traditional mind sets, because now I understand and because I understand, I trust. and more importantly, its OK for me to be like this. Thank you for reading. Please continue to do whatever it is that you were doing. Love and Light xx


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Comment by JD on May 18, 2017 at 12:01pm

Good view Ariya

I feel that it is this way for many. to see the many unseen costs of being a a part of any society. I remember when I was in grade school and my teacher called me an idiot. I was hurt and offended. I was assuming that they were calling me a dunce, incapable of learning. But as an adult I feel I was an idiot all along. The original meaning was from Greek referencing people who did not conform to the society at the time. A non participants in the politics. So having my idiosyncrasies  a characteristic, habit, mannerism, or the like, that is peculiar to an individual. And in retrospect, I was not a dunce, but would not conform. It also seems that most western democratic, communist, dictators all give you instruction on how to conform. Everyone gets new shoes but the are all size 10. Wile this will work very comfy for some, others will be irritated by the lack of support or to confined! I think we will all do better using what fits us as individuals. even if it makes you an idiot, such as myself. We may see our path easer if we illuminate it with our inner light. 

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