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From Sick to Healthy, From Poisonous to Beneficial- Internally Induced Self-Evolution

Modern mankind sees effects while ignoring causes and in turn they have missed the internal nature of a thing and even of themselves.  What I am about to reveal may sound psychotic to the purely physical brain but in reality it is the revelation of what is possible in all human beings thanks to nature.  For let us quickly look at how life is formed on planet earth:

 Life is generated by ENERGY, atoms of matter are unmoved by themselves, they have no mode of action leading to perpetual motion aside from external forces that guide them, for example, electrons are moved by electromagnetic radiation via photons and the force of electric repulsion and magnetic attraction.  Electrons are also moved by sound and heat which are called phonon particles by electron-phonon coupling.  An atom is two opposite forces called electron and proton with opposite values constantly  separating and rejoining to create a neutron, separation is exhale while joining is inhale or like a heartbeat: expand and contract.  Matter is classified by generality to reduce confusion into four states: plasma, liquid, solid and gas, or classically fire, water, earth, and air.  This is superior to atomic theory as elements are made out of atoms, so by studying single atoms one ignores the entire quantum system of an element for all things are quantum, thus modern man sees atoms and how they move while the wise see entire atomic systems.  (The scale is atoms>elements>stars)

 Just as there are four states of matter there is also four states of ENERGY: heat, sound photons, and electromagnetic attraction or repulsion.  When I say four states of matter and energy, this does not mean these are separate things, they are all one thing with four modes of action.   


Lets look at DNA, DNA is a double helix that has two opposite running sugary backbones, why is this?  This is because it is formed by a standing wave of heat and sound coupled to light. Thus it has the form of a perfect energetic wave leading to the inevitable fact that its underlying mechanism is energetic motion which can move atoms into any form within the boundaries of its body for the body is a replica of the entire universe. 

Life is formed by an energetic seed of light with attraction and repulsion forming breathing and the heartbeat and all biological pulsations coupled to fluid moving heat and geometrical sound.  All of this forms an electroweak field of unified energies that CAN MOVE ALL ATOMS OF THE BODY INTO ANYTHING.  An electroweak field is the unified field of  energy that is not limited to the surface but can literally change the quarks of an atom, thus life can take any atom in nature (for all of nature is life giving) and make it beneficial to life.  Thus there are animals that can eat what we think is poisonous, there are some that can survive in -60 below water by special antifreeze proteins.  

This is directly related to evolution, evolution is not a genetic thing at first, it is caused by the constant focus of an organism in one direction with utmost determination over an extended period of time, for example: exercise makes muscles more efficient not because it is genetic mutations but by putting the muscle in certain stress situations over a period of time leading to adaptations. Thus animals have developed remarkable tools for hunting, defense, fleeing and reproduction because they have been doing this for millennia with as much intensity as they can muster and doing ONLY that.  The atoms of the body will move to the motion of energy, and this leads to why humans are different, for we have the power to direct energy in any direction possible which mean THERE ARE NO PHYSICAL OR MENTAL LIMITATIONS.  It is then possible for a enlightenment human being to direct their energy a certain way to lead to physical mutations to match what animals have.  All life is made out of the SAME MATERIAL the only difference is how that material is sculpted from the INSIDE.  

If you just exist powerfully you can turn any poisonous material that enters your body into something beneficial and have perfect health.  AS I have said, energy as an electroweak field can take any atom can transform it into something else via quark manipulation as well as it can move it with sound, heat and electromagnetic torque, the body can CREATE new PROTEINS that can  process the said poisonous material.  The chances are some animal or bacteria has already done the process BECAUSE ALL MATTER ON EARTH IS LIFE GIVING. 

It takes a firm mind, and spirit in order to do something such as this, in fact, one must be AWAKE and AWARE of him/her self first.  The question arises, what about death?  Death is not what most think it is, death is not different from life as there is ONLY LIFE.  Death means transformation into something else.  THE UNIVERSE OPERATES ON TRANSFORMATION BY EMBRACE AND INCLUSION.  Death just means the time limit given to you by the universe to exist at this particular place in this particular time has run out.  Thus there is nothing the body cannot handle for an awake human, it is possible to push the biological limits over and over again.  This is the wisdom and science of self induced genetic evolution and adaptation for matter.


Another method of evolution is to transform into a being of light and plasma/ antimatter, this processes involves the formation of a golden egg cocoon with the mind/energy exactly as a caterpillar forms a cocoon, humans create golden eggs.  There is much science that would have to be covered for this topic so I will address it in another post at some point. 


In short: Life is the only thing that exists.  All matter on earth is life giving.  Human beings can change their biology by being aware of their own energy and how to use it. Energy is what moves atoms into the form of a living body.  Living energy is an electroweak-phonon based field of POTENTIAL capable of transforming atoms into any other atom that is more bio-available. Evolution is not genetic at first, it begins when the Life focuses in one direction and only that direction for an extended period of time while the body adapts to the energy which is moving in that direction. We see animals with extraordinary capabilities and able to survive in harsh and poisonous conditions because their underlying energy has been subjected to situations that require it to transform the environment to suit it needs. 

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