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To hold opposing and dissimilar ideas/concepts in one's mind is a powerful ability.
It's the friction or the heat and fuel that produces the fire.
The fire radiates heat to the surrounding area. There is an "energy field" that surrounds the source of combustion.

What could be said about this radiant energy is it that it is expansive.
Same goes with the consideration of opposing ideas.
To attempt to rectify or achieve balance of those oppositions, the mind is forced expand into multiple perceptions.

Multiple viewpoints are considered. Then perhaps, after a long enough time has passed during this exercise, a new viewpoint is created.

The two sides of the lever have pulled the fulcrum to a higher point.

Danger though, the pull of the polarity is strong. The fire can consume as much as it can create.
Humble comes to mind now, but not humble in the way of complete acceptance.
But humble in the form that this conflict is not me and also all of me.
Humble in understanding that this fire is here, because of me, not despite of me.

I think now of the Holy Trinity. I also wonder that the experience of opposing ideas (right, left; good, bad; etc.) are the foundation of that very trinity, and I, as the witness, the observer, the actor, is on top.

Not to say that I am Holy, but perhaps I am a reflection of that which is "Holy/Whole" seeking to emulate that which I deem as "Holy".
In weird way, what a child does to pretend to be his/her parents. Note that a child see's all, and imitates your actions as parent as presented, subconsciously.

Perhaps we are destined for this progression. We still yet follow the path.
Be it on one side of the lever or the other, we follow. And we follow hard.

Seek the fulcrum, the eye in the storm, the true decision maker, action taker.
And also consider that both ends, are in your reach.
But do not grasp hard at either.

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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Comment by Chris Kelley on January 24, 2019 at 9:27pm

Don't worry, I have an easy 3 month payment plan on the course...Lol

This is how I see it:

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