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The words Geometry and Gematria mean the same thing. Ge and Geo are variations of Gaea meaning Earth or Earth Goddess and metry and matia both mean measure.  So both words mean Earth Measurement. Traditionally both words have separate meanings, one having to do with shapes and the other having to do with encoded numerical messages in word and monuments.

Considering that in the book of Revelations of the Bible, the dimensions of a new Earth or given. Might these dimensions hold a Gematria code. Let's see.

The dimensions are 12000 x 12000 x 12000 furlongs or stadia cubed.  This is equivelent to 1500 miles, 2225 KM, 7920000 Ft, 2,640,000 yards and 5,280,000 cubits. For starters 7,920,000 has Diameter of the Earth built into it, which is 7,920. 5280 is feet in a mile and 7920 is Diameter of Earth in miles.

Interestingly 360 degrees of a circle x 365.242 x 1000 = 131487120 or circumference of Earth in Feet.

131487120/5280= 24902.86 miles.


The number 5280 is one of the Solfeggio Frequencies. These frequencies can make sacred geometry forms and are also said to have healing powers.

You are probably aware of the Hexagon on Saturn's North Pole.

And you are probably aware that the Hexagon can be made into a 2 dimensional representation of a three dimensional cube. This hexagon is being caused by cymatic frequencies coming from Saturn. 

The wall of the new Earth is 144 cubits, 65 metres, 72 yards and 216 feet. Ignoring for a moment that these numbers are all directly tied to the platonic solids. 144000 (400 years) is the number of days in a Maya Calendar Baktun and there are 65 of these periods in a 26000 year cycle.  In the above numbers of 7,920,000 and 5,280,000 we reduced the numbers by a factor of 1000.   This time we increase 144 by a factor of 1000. 216 is the base number of a 2160 zodiac age and the diameter of the moon. The Octahedon has 1440 degrees in surfaces, the Dodecahedron has 6480, which can round to 6500, the tetrahedron has 720 and the cube has 2160 degrees, and we are talking about a cube after all.  

Cymatics frequencies, a cube, Saturn(who is Kronos or time), earth measurement, platonic solids, The Zodiac and Precession all play into our code. May be Saturn is going to give birth. There is the Mythological

tale of, Kronos eating his children and Zeus/Jupiter poisoned Kronos, causing him the throw-up his children. In David Talbot's book "Symbols of an Alien Sky" actually provides evidence to support this idea. 

Earth in numbers is 5, 1, 18, 20, 8.  Multiplied all = 14400. add all 52. the are 52 weeks in Earths years and there is the 144 again. 

Word in reduced numbers is 5, 6, 9, 4.  5x6x9x4=1080. 5+6+9+4= 24.    24x1080 = 25920, or precession.

This is almost off topic.  Consider 64 cycles of 400 years = 25600 years. 64.8 cycles = 25920 years and 65 = 26000. (All based on 360 day year.  The actual number of years is 25,626. Amazingly 25626-25600= 26.  2012.9699-26=1987, the year of the Harmonic convergence.

May be I am just grabbing at straws, but I think there is an encoded message here.

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Comment by Tyrone Tyson on May 1, 2012 at 8:56pm
Saturn is a planet maker. It's rings are continuely renew by these huge rods just (ametures have obsevered these in nasas photos for year but NASA just last week admitted they see them). The material they release are the building block that collect over time and become orbiting moons. Has they get larger a electrical charge from Saturn creates the moons core to activate forming it's own magnetosphere which traps the need gases Saturn provides. Once those moons have reached that state their inner core causes the outer shell to expanded creating tectonic plates. In the great battle of Zeus and Kronos Earth was dislodged from it's Saturn orbit (Like story of Noahs day) causeing great disturbunce to our world. Once Earth found a settled orbit around the Sun our thick atmosphere had been reduced exposing us to direct sunlight and then the first rainbow was seen.
Comment by Seagypsy on May 1, 2012 at 3:22pm

I agree - good post

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