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Geometry in the Cosmos

February 8, 2012

From astronomical observations we find evidence supporting the idea that the universe has an underlying geometric blueprint. If all cosmological objects are governed by a fundamental torus topology dictated by a 64-tetrahedron metric, we may expect to find self similar systems and common characteristics across the various scales of dimension in which we observe these energy events. Scale Unification – A Universal Scaling Law For Organized Matter gives a first approximation of the harmonic resolutions in which matter organize and the toroidal dynamics through which it happens. Let’s have a closer look at a few of the various systems we see out there, and how the underlying geometry shines through.

Self-similar Rotating Systems Across Various Scales

Observing our own galaxy we have found that it spins too fast for its estimated mass, and too fast to retain its high level of structure. In addition, the rotational speed of stars close to the galactic bulge and its visible edge remain constant, as if the galaxy was a nearly solid body. The rotational curve is thus said to be “flat” – there is little change in speed in stars close to the center and those at the edge of the system. The momentum of galactic rotation is thought to originate at the big bang, and conserved in a “frictionless environment” since then. Yet this leaves a problem as a mismatch occur when comparing what we observe with calculations.

Rotation curve of a typical spiral galaxy: predicted (A) and observed (B). The discrepancy between the curves is attributed to dark matter.[Rotation curve of a typical spiral galaxy: predicted (A) and observed (B). The discrepancy between the curves is attributed to dark matter

This mismatch led to the invention “dark matter” and “dark energy”, which is hypothesized to float in halos around galaxies, providing them with the  exact missing mass and structure needed to fit observations. The alternative approach to explain these dynamics is to incorporate a mechanical source for angular momentum to the rotation of the system itself. Where does it gain the energy needed to drive the galactic arms around uniformly? Space-time torque. The system is driven by the structure of space-time itself, which is continuously imploding towards infinite density, forcing the surrounding material to spin. As small differences in temperature drives entire hurricanes on Earth, differences in the vacuum density across decreasing scales drives space-time implosion in black hole systems – like in galaxies.

Vast differences in scale - similar dynamics

The same flattening of the rotational curve is observed in the magnetohydrodynamics of stars and even hurricanes on earth, both of which are vastly different in both scale and density. Finding self-similar characteristics in rotating bodies across such enormous differences in scale points to a common underlying mechanism.

Our local stellar object, the Sun, exhibits plasma dynamics that are consistent with galactic toroidal field topology, conforming to the U4 dual torus topology. Plasma streams flows down to the equator and back up to the poles, much in the same way as weather in the atmosphere of Earth.

Energy events at 19.5 latitude

We may also glimpse the invisible geometry of hyperspace by looking at its imprints in stars and planets. A remarkable phenomenon is the persistent appearance of high energy events at the 19.5 degree latitude. Energy events in this latitude would be expected if an underlying hyperdimensional geometry of a star-tetrahedron directed their formation.

Sunspots are cooler regions on the sun caused by intense magnetic activity. The magnetic currents host phenomena such as magnetic loops and reconnection events, which in turn cause solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME). A very interesting feature of sunspots is their tendency to stabilize at 19.5 degree latitude on the north and south hemisphere of the sun. This is the exact latitude of vertices of a star-tetrahedron in a sphere – a central geometry in the HFU model.

Not only does the sunspots align to this latitude but the spots themselves display several interesting phenomena in the context of our theory. Observations reveal that the magnetic vortex of sunspots actually continues deep under the stellar surface. In the HFU model these vortices are actually collapsing back into the black hole singularity at the center of the sun, thereby releasing huge amounts of X-rays. These vortices may be found to be the wormholes predicted in Relativity Theory. We can expect similar dynamics to be discovered around larger black hole systems as well, from medium sized ones to galactic cores and quasars.

The tendency for energy vortices to stabilize at 19.5 latitude are common in planets as well. The great spot on Jupiter is a giant storm which has been swirling at approximately 19.5 degrees latitude, possibly for several centuries.  What can account for the stability of this monstrous atmospheric twirl? Perhaps the vortex is caused by an underlying magnetic vortex collapsing towards a centering singularity?

Our Earth is similar to stars, but here the plasma surrounding the centering singularity has cooled to form a thin crust.  Our planetary equivalent of sunspots – volcanoes – also seems to be more energetic near this latitude; the most active volcano on earth, Hawaii, lies at 19,34 degrees latitude. Olympus Mons is a large volcanic mountain on the planet Mars. At a height of 25 km (82,000 ft), it is almost three times as tall as Mount Everest and is the tallest mountain in the Solar System. Remarkably the center of  this structure lies at a latitude of 18.60 degrees latitude.

Spherical Shapes in Supernovae

The Cat’s Eye Nebula in the constellation of Draco is one of the most complex nebulae known. It hosts remarkable structures such as knots, jets, spherical bubbles and sinewy arc-like features. Astronomers are baffled by how regularly patterns like these occur in supernovae, they are hard to explain by standard mechanisms. However, in terms of HFU theory patterns like these would be expected, as the energy conforms to the underlying fractal structure composed of a tetrahedral/sphere based scaling.

The Hourglass Nebula in the southern constellation Musca displays much the same dynamics, with spherical lobe-like structures expanding from the north and south pole. Here one can even see the fractal scaling of space in the smaller circles near the center.

Spherical Lobes in the Milky Way Galaxy

Recent observations by the Fermi gamma ray satellite has found lobe like structures at the north and south pole of our own galaxy. The satellite observed the structure mired in a fog of gamma rays which are pervasive through our sky.  Fermi has spotted such lobe structures like this in other galaxies such asCentarus A. These gamma ray lobes are comparable to the entire size of our galaxy and they are just now being seen for the first time. What can account for these highly organized shapes?

Octahedral Structure in Galactic Clusters

At the largest scale we are able to observe we find entire clusters galaxies organize into octahedral structures!  The clusters display a high level of coherent structure, matching the octahedral cavity in a 64-tetrahedral metric.

Two astrophysicists at Cornell University writes:

The distribution of superclusters in the Local Supercluster neighbourhood presents such a remarkable periodicity that some kind of network must fit the observed large scale structure. A three dimension chessboard has been suggested. The existence of this network is really a challenge for currently-suggested theoretical models. For instance, CDM models of the formation of the large scale structure predict a random distribution of superclusters. If the filaments of matter that are now observed building up the network are fossil relics of over-dense regions of magnetic field energy before Recombination, then it has been shown that the simplest network compatible with magnetic field constraints is made up of octahedra contacting at their vertexes. This suggests a set of superimposed egg-carton structures. Our aim in this paper is to show that the real large-scale structure is actually fitted by the theoretical octahedron structure.” – The Egg Carton Universe – E. Battaner and E. Florido

Vacuum Engineering 101

June 24, 2011

“All is immersed in a holographic field of concsious energy, and the field itself is continually adapting, innovating and self-organizing itself at all scales according to its new position in the cosmic fractal. We are its imagination and our own reality…”


As we have explored in earlier posts, the holofractographic universe model may be understood as a description of the dynamics of consciousness. It is not the individual human being that is producing consciousness, rather space-time itself radiates and absorbs information in a feedback loop and thus experience itself as the human being, in all its glory. Physical structure arise within this field of consciousness, and everything in nature is conscious as information flows into the vacuum at all points. The space-time manifold is expressing and experiencing itself, and through this exchange it evolves into ever deeper levels of complexity and synchronicity. All is immersed in a field of conscious energy, and the field itself is continually adapting, innovating and self-organizing itself at all scales according to its new position in the cosmic fractal. Each individual, each singularity, is like a conduit to this field, a channel through which a unique path of creation unfolds as we spiral through the vacuum of space. The question then is: how can we flow better with the topology of space? How can we influence what creations manifest within our own sphere of experience?


The art of vacuum engineering is actually quite natural to us. It is what we do all the time, either we are aware of it or not. The dynamics of space-time is so that creation happens continuously, at all levels, even within the human experience in all its subtleties. The human form is a temporal crystallization of energy through which a spectrum of various frequencies ocillates into the world. Our actions, our emotions, our conscious and subconscious thoughts – all our energy becomes a part of that stream. Simultaneously we absorb the impressions of our environment which in turn informs the vacuum what to send back out. Collectively we radiate a common field of vibrations while individually we gravitate what experience resonate with us in the current moment. In this way we create a consensus reality as we modify the vacuum structure in our never-ending odyssey through space. The process is incredibly complex and occurs on many levels simultaneously, most of which we are never consciously aware. Everything is doing this continuously, every animal and plant, every atom, every planet, star and galaxy. We are submerged in a vast field of unfolding Creation which knows no primal cause, but rather is its own cause every instant; self-adapting, self-innovating and self-organizing at all scales. There are no individuals here, just this endless mesh of creative communion with the exhaustless potential of the vacuum. It never began and it never ends – this is the only logic in a holographic reality where everything has infinite connectivity to everything else.

Tuning the Biocrystal

The body is a microcosmos onto itself, composed of trillions of mini black hole cells, centered by the heart singularity. It is a finely tuned, self-organizing system of incredible sensitivity and complexity, capable of registering even the most subtle impulse from its environment. The biological body itself is a crystallization of matter/energy, and is just the physical aspect of multiple layers of energetic structure. In its totality it extends in an unbroken continuum from the level of gross matter up to the causal realm of complete emptiness – the state of equilibrium. The body is the first entity to resonate with our psycho-emotional states. This is generally accepted, while the underlying mechanisms may not always be clear. The closer we enter a state of internal balance and connection with the heart, the more the electromagnetic field of the body vibrates into higher degrees of organization and coherency. The Heart of our being is equilibrium – stillness. The more centered we are, the more obvious is our connectivity to all things, and the farther into the stream of projections we falter, the more limited becomes our identification, and the more we suffer. The introspective, implosive movement is a centropic force and is always a movement towards higher order, which is why meditative practice is beneficial to psychological and physical health. Utilizing the tool of meditation we may tune our biocrystal to amplify resonance with the vauum structure, allowing increased organizational symmetry to materialize within our field of creation. We can learn a lot about our relationship to the feedback of reality by studying our body and our mental states.

The Language of Reality

Experience itself also provides a mirror to our inner state, and may carry information about how we relate to our nature of perfect equilibrium. What we send out into the sea of vibrations echo back to us in some way, shape or form. The experiences of life is like the language of reality, and it is a language we should actively study and learn if we are to become proficient vacuum engineers. What impulses do we propagate into the field? What experiences do we gravitate? Where lies our identity in relationship to these? Our life is, in part, a product of our own projections. But we are not alone on this journey, we’re embedded in a living creation that unfolds itself through all life, from the miniscule atoms to the mighty stars and beyond. We are co-creating the matrix of reality with each other, and with all levels of nature, simultaneously. We are part of something much vaster than our individual selves! Much identification goes with having a body, but we are something far more mysterious than the physical form – we are pure potentiality! In this realization lies the freedom to explore, experiment and play unfettered with the universe itself, and to learn the deeper meaning of our life so that we may eventually expand beyond its limitations. Connection to the heart is vital to master the art of vacuum engineering, as is the ability to observe and detach oneself from the experiences of life. If understood, the language of reality can become an invaluable gauge to guide us back on the path to our real Self.


The infinite vacuum potential – the cosmic singularity – which is all in one, is the Heart of everything. It is a hyperdimensional Heart, beyond physical form, beyond spatial location or temporal extension, beyond all parametrical definition. It is a place of fulfilled peace and complete equilibrium – Infinite in all regards. The more intimate our communion with this source the brighter it radiates a synchronistic vibration into every aspect of existence. Resting in equilibrium harmonious creation takes place spontaneously, completely on its own accord. The highest form of vacuum engineering is completely effortless, free from all ambition and all projection. Our highest aspirations are never rooted in the confines of time and space, but far beyond, in a place where limitation is but a figment of the imagination.

Black holes in the early universe

June 22, 2011

“Astronomers have discovered a hidden collection of supermassive, growing black holes dating back to the early universe — showing, for the first time, that black holes populated the cosmos far earlier than thought.” – Read the full story at L.A Times

Recent research done by an international team studying conditions in the first billion years of the Universe’s history concludes that black holes lead galaxy growth.


These findings are significant for several reasons. In Haramein’s model, black holes are produced by density gradients in the geometry of space-time itself, and are therefore to be expected in various scales across the universe (ref. scaling law), even in its very beginning. The black holes discussed in this study are supermassive and would, according to the HFU theory, be produced naturally by the universal black hole (which we live inside). In turn, smaller black holes (i.e stars) would agglomerate and orbit the central supermassive black hole, which would gradually grow to become a huge galaxy. The standard model does not predict super-massive black holes this early in the evolution of the universe as they’re generally believed to be formed by a slow accretion of matter over long periods of time.

Haramein also predicted that all galaxies would harbor super-massive black holes at their core, even long before this hypothesis became verified and widely accepted. In the HFU theory black holes are intrinsic to the topology of space-time itself and they naturally organize matter in harmonically scaled tori (U4 bubbles), from universal size, to galactic, to stellar and down to atomic dimensions. The singularity itself is the point-of-stillness, the vacuum equilibrium, to which the rotation of the system is relative. Without a center there would be no rotation. Density gradients in the vacuum creates space-time torque which forces the entire system to rotate, generating the familiar twirl of the galactic plane. As space-time flows in to the black hole, matter/energy flows out, much like air is pushed up as water goes down a drain. This exchange generates smaller black hole systems, which become new stars. This would mean that all galaxies are the result of their central super-massive black hole – not the other way around!

Another significant discovery reveals that stars are being born extremely close to the super-massive black hole near the Milky Way core.  This also contradicts the standard model which predicts that these stars would get ripped apart by the strong tidal gravity produced in the vicinity of such a black hole. Obviously the mechanisms that allow these young stars to be present so close to a super-massive black hole cannot be accounted for within the frames of the standard view. In the HFU theory this phenomena poses no problem. Stars could only exist in the vicinity of such tidal gravity if they were much more massive than previously expected, which may very well be the result of them harboring a black hole themselves. In the HFU model all stars are born out of black holes, and are themselves smaller black hole systems, including our own sun.


June 19, 2011

“Now equilibrium is the very opposite of disorder.”
- Rudolf Arnheim

Reality is a product of two worlds – two sides of one equation. One is the realm of relativity, the visible world of space and time, where things appear separate and finite in form. The other is the realm of the absolute, the infinite and unchanging vacuum. The vacuum is everywhere, yet nowhere at the same time. It permeates the universe yet remains forever untouched by time and space. These worlds are engaged in a state of permanent communion, and together they weave the tapestry of creation. The Holofractographic Universe model is the theoretical embodiment of this unity, revealing through the language of geometry how reality flows between the relative and the absolute, merging finitude with infinity.



The HFU model describes the universe as a endless scaling of nested black “whole” singularities, ranging from sub atomic to universal. The external part of these black holes is our familiar world of relativity and dimensional extension. Event horizons appear uniquely positioned in spacetime and differently scaled relative to each other (like atoms, cells, planets, stars etc.). Thus relativity and dimensionality arise only when we define a certain boundary from which we observe other black hole resolutions. For example: we wouldn’t confuse an atom for a star because we, with our information-processing mini-black hole cells, are situated right in between them. Yet the underlying dynamics are the same; the fabric of space assume the shape of rotating imploding/expanding tori (the U4 bubble) similarly across the micro to the macro cosmos, producing the energy dynamics of atoms, cells, planets, stars and so on. However, behind every event horizon is the internal world of the Absolute, the infinite and changeless energy potential of the vacuum singularity – point of absolute zero. The vacuum singularity is actually common to all black holes, no matter where their outside horizon appears to be in relative space. Thus the vacuum is everywhere, on the inside and the outside of every horizon, filling the universe like an ocean of potential energy. The reason we do not percieve it is due to its state of perfect balance. The complete symmetry within singularity annihilates all force, thereby conserving its endless energy potential permanently in a state of stability at absolute zero degrees. Geometrically this balance may be mathematically expressed as a “vector equilibrium”, or a cubeoctahedron.

The vacuum itself has zero volume – no dimensions – which is why its structure is considered “hyper-dimensional”, it is beyond dimensional extension. The cubeoctahedron does not occupy a certain volume of space, rather it is the geometric expression of infinite energy in perfect balance. As all forces cancel out within this non-dimensional “point”, relativity becomes meaningless, and thus equilibrium means complete unity. From a geometric perspective this symmetry is actually a prerequisite for infinity itself. An asymmetric configuration could not support itself in this way without resulting in explosion or implosion or some form of imbalance, nor could it divide itself further into self-similar structures. Imbalance would invariably lead to finitude, in some way or form. Infinity, however, must be in a state of balance. As well, the omni-directional equilibrium of the vacuum has infinite potential for sub-division, and may thus be defined in terms of a fractal growth of cubeoctahedrons (or vectors for equilibrium). This fractal division of the vacuum potential generates scale in the space-time manifold, defining size resolutions of black hole (dual torus) dynamics within the relative world.

The hyper-dimensional geometry of the space-time continuum (the vacuum of space) conforms to the pattern of a 64 tetrahedron metric. This metric contains all the vectors necessary for complete balance at all points and it has the ability to grow radially in all directions, creating the geometry of expansion as well as implosion. This symmetrical union of expansion and implosion enfolded within the same metric defines the dynamical topology of the space-time manifold; the dual torus. Both expansion (EM radiation) and implosion (Gravity) are united in this geometrization of space-time, generating a fractal feed back loop of information exchange (or division) with the vacuum state. This endless fractalization of the vacuum manifest in relative space as infinite curvature towards singularity, or in other words, black holes! The black hole dynamics are embedded within each other creating the dual torus topology at every consecutive resolution, expanding and imploding in a continuous cycle. This creates a natural scaling of harmonically nested rotating tori which organizes matter/energy at specific size intervals, giving rise to complex patterns like spiral galaxies, planetary systems, plasma dynamics in stars, atmospheric systems, magnetic fields, DNA spirals, electron clouds etc. The implosive movement towards unity and equilibrium is the organizing, centropic principle and the driving force behind all creation. The exact same spiraling dynamic occurs at all resolutions of the space-time manifold, even within and around the human body. By the feed-back loop of implosion/expansion, information is absorbed from the relative world into the vacuum state and radiate back out.

This dance between the relative and the Absolute results in a dynamic, living creation which experiences its own creations. The various patterns in the farbic of space, from miniscule atoms to glaxies, are a way for the vacuum to express and experience itself, thereby alowing for evolution of its endless potential into various forms of manifestation. Biological life is but one of these frontiers through which the vacuum brings aspects of the infinite to finitude. Even the cultural evolution of human civilization may be understood as a fractalization of the vacuum information. The vacuum singularity is the source of forms, the expressor and the experiencer. It is the underlying organizer of all form, the receiver of all information, the sustainer of all energy, the dictator of all possible motion – the singularity is all. The fractal geometry of the vacuum is an ever evolving self-aware system and our human forms are like the fractal tendrils of space-time, undulating towards endless mystery.

Omega point

And so even though the world may appear diversified and chaotic on its surface, it is always in a state of changless, eternal peace at its core. It all begins and ends with the geometry of the cubeoctahedron. It is from this state of perfect balance that all potential emerge. The omega point of equilibrium is thus the seed of both science and spirituality. Here the two meet on common ground: the balance of infinity may be expressed through geometry and thus used to formulate laws of physics. And it may also be reached in subjective experience through meditative practice. One could even make the argument that this is the spiritual state described by eastern traditions as “samadhi”, complete absorption in consciousness without objects – equilibrium. Not only do the doctrines of science and spirituality emerge from the omega point, but they merge back into it, leaving us in a curious state between being and non-being. The mind may not comprehend it, yet we may deduce scientifically that the ultimate reality is completely non-diffirentiated balance. Or we may experience in our own consciousness the state of equilibrium, which is pure emptiness without form. Thus both our science and spirit points to a transcendent truth: reality rests in an indefinable place between existence and non-existence, expressible only through geometry, experienced only as complete freedom.

Black Whole

June 18, 2011

The new DVD “Black Whole” has been released! Visit The Resonance Project for more details.

In this slightly more digestible release (at only one and a half hour)  Nassim Haramein takes us on a tour through his groundbreaking work with new and appealing graphics!

July 9, 2010

The Lord, O Arjuna, dwells in the Heart of every being, and He by his delusive power spins round all beings set as if on a machine” – Krishna’s words in the Gìta

The Eastern spiritual traditions have always emphasized the core importance of the Heart in relation to the human soul, consciousness and God. The seat of the Self, they say, resides within the Heart and from this center the whole world arise. But to really understand the significance of this statement, in the

context of the holofractographic universe theory, we must go beyond just its symbolical meaning. If we look to the medicinal teachings of the east, transmitted to us through the ancient Upanishads, we find that the human body is invariably viewed as an expression of subtle energy or prana (from the Sanskrit root “full”). Central to these schools are the etheric, or in our case, hyperdimensional topology of the body’s energy field. This field is often described as a rotating torus with vortexes entering at the crown of the head and the bottom of the spine, spiraling through the spinal column creating seven nexus points, or whorls of focused energy, called chakras (Sanskrit for “wheel” or “turning”). These nexus points are said to be vortices of subtle energies flowing through the body, transferring energy and information between the physical and “divine realm”. In the Upanishads the various chakras of the human body are also associated with different geometric symbols, signifying each individual chakra’s connection to a specific element. Interestingly the Heart chakra, “Anahata“, is invariably depicted as a hexagram ordained with twelve lotus petals. The upward triangle is said to symbolize Shiva, the male principle and the downward triangle symbolizes Shakti, the female principle. A perfect 

balance is attained when these two forces are joined together in harmony. As we have seen, the hexagram is an absolutely central geometry in the HFU model, pointing to the polarized tetrahedral structure of the vacuum. Also, twelve converging vectors around a center is the geometry of the vacuum singularity: the cubeoctahedron. As we shall see, these similarities are more than mere coincidence…

Modern science has recently discovered that the heart emits very high levels of radiation. In fact it is now known that the heart is the largest generator of electromagnetic energy in the body, and measurements reveal that the frequency of the heart’s energy field is 5000 times stronger than that of the brain! This field moves at the speed of light and extends up to 12 feet around the body, unimpeded by organic tissues. This alone should compel us to reconsider the role of the heart within our body. The HeartMath Institute has found that negative emotions of stress, anger or frustration are associated with erratic and incoherent patterns in the heart’s rhythm, whereas positive emotions of love and compassion leads to smooth, coherent ones. They have also discovered that changes in the heart’s rhythmic coherency, creates corresponding changes in its electromagnetic field. High coherency (positive emotions) generates smooth sine-wave like patterns, making the field more organized. Incoherency make it more asymmetric and disorganized. Neurocardiologic research has shown that the heart communicates with the brain in several ways: neurologically (transmission of nerve impulses), biochemically (hormones and neurotransmitters) and biophysically (pressure waves). Now we have evidence of direct, coherent energetic communication through electromagnetic field interactions as well. Using electrocardiographic (ECG) and electroencephalographic (EEG) instruments (for meassuring heart and brain waves) it has even been scientifically verified that when two people are in proximity of each other the “heart field” of one person affects the brainwaves of another! Not only is the energy and information flowing through your heart’s energy field transmitted throughout your body and brain, but it interacts with other people as well, communicating your internal state to the envirnoment.

Taking these meassurments into consideration with the Holofractographic model describing the universe as embedded black hole singularities it becomes not so unreasonable to suggest that our heart may contain its own singularity at its core, and accordingly a topology of a dual torus creating a powerful electromagnetic energy field surrounding it. Interestingly it is a known fact that the body loose a certain amount of weight upon its death, again suggesting the presence of a gravitational curvature in the space-time continuum permeating the body. It is interesting to note that ancient texts suggests that we have a hyperdimensional energy field around the body in the implosive geometry as well, assuming the shape of a star-tetrahedron.


This generates quite a different scenario in which the Heart is like a biophysical Sun in the solar system of our body. The singularity of the heart keeps the system alive, while radiating energy throughout the body and gravitating the system towards wholeness, organization and order. As we have seen, the cells of our body are actually billions of mini black holes, spinning at the speed of light. Yet the singularity of the Heart may be the crucial fractal resolution (ref. scaling law) through which these billions of smaller cells stay organized and coherent relative to each other. Without the Sun the solar system disintegrates. In the same way the Heart may be the sustainer of the bodily form, keeping it coherent and alive. What we call “death” may only be this black hole singularity of the Heart changing frequency (scale resolution), and the consquent disorganization of mini black holes comprising the body. Yet nothing is lost as energy is continuously recycled through the vacuum state. The singulairty only reorganize to other frequencies of the Cosmic Symphony.

As I touch upon in other posts, the dual-torus topology of space-time may also provide us with a mechanical basis for understandingconsciousness, wherein perceptions and the sense of self arise as information flows into vacuum singularity. If this is the case, the seat of Consciousness may well be found to originate from the Heart and notthe brain, again echoing the ancient teachings of the east. If we within our own heart have infinite curvature towards Cosmic Singularity and oneness with the Infinite then, truly, our heart is the Heart of God.


Both intuitively and culturally we treasure the Heart, and quite instinctively we refer to it as the seed of life and soul. Our science however has been drawn to the complexities of neurons and grey matter in the brain and, perhaps prematurely, declared it to be the seat of our self aware being. Now, as this chasm between our science and intuition can heal, we may reclaim our rightful place in the Heart, and gravitate back towards our God-given state of oneness and unconditional Love.

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Eastern Wisdom & Western Science

July 8, 2010

“OM – That supreme Brahman is infinite, and this conditioned Brahman is infinite. The infinite proceeds from the infinite. Then through knowledge, realizing the infinitude of the infinite, it remains as infinite alone. – Mundaka Upanisad

Let’s take a look at the most general similarities between Eastern spiritual philosophy and the Holofractographic  theory (as a model of consciousess).

The visible world is composed of black holes/white holes, and they appear to us as separate objects in space; stars, planets, cells, atoms etc. Yet behind their separate event horizons, at the center of every atom, planet and star, we find the vacuum singularity, the point in which all points of the universe are entangled to one. Although two atoms may be separated by several light years, behind their event horizon they are the same. It really doesn’t matter where the radiating white hole portions are relative each other, at vacuum singularity they unite. This is reflected beautifully as both a philosphical and a scientific statement: our external part is the relative and finite world and our internal part is the realm of the Absolute; the infinite and unchanging Spirit.

In the Hindu philosophy of Advaita (meaning “not two”) it is said thatBrahman, the transcendent, unchanging reality, is identical to Atman, the individual soul. Likewise in the Holofractographic universe we observe the same fact: each individual singularity is actually the Cosmic Singularity. The vacuum connects all. Even the word “singularity” states that it is individual and singular in nature. In a space-time continuum with infinite curvature nothing is outside its influence, everything is in the same extreme curve, and thus there is only One. And as we know the One has been voiced with many names throughout the seasons of Man.


Let’s revisit the quote at the beginning to catch the most obvious connections:

“That supreme Brahman is infinite, and this conditioned Brahman is infinite“

This sentence signifies that even in limited, conditioned form Brahman is unlimited. In the HFU model there is actually one singularity, the infinite energy potential of the vacuum. There is also only one event horizon, the perceivable world, and it appears folded into the visible structures we see around us. Yet the event horizon of a black hole is not boundary as such. It is just an appearance. It is where information transfers between infinite potential and finite state. In reality there is only the sea of vacuum energy, and like we see ripples under the silent ocean we see visible structures in the vacuum. But still it is only the ocean, only Brahman, pretending to be conditioned and finite.

“The infinite proceeds from the infinite.”

The word Brahman signifies “growth”, telling us that even as the infinite, Brahman grows forever. The spacetime manifold never ceases to grow forms from the vacuum. Infinite potential and finite form is weaved together in the fractal geomtery of space-time; they are inseparable. This recursive growth is never ending, and it produces creative black hole horizons in endless resolutions of scale, from which information flows out from the infinite potential of the vacuum. Form proceeds from the vacuum, yet the vacuum contains all form.

“Then through knowledge, realizing the infinitude of the infinite, it remains as infinite alone.“

Eastern non dual schools teach that Liberation from the wheel of suffering (samsara) is gained through the realization of Truth. True achievement, they say, is to see beyond the relative world and rest in the Absolute. Thus realizing our true nature as the Infinite means eternal freedom from identification with the transient world. Yet this has always been our natural, unchanging state. The equilibrium of Being is timeless, and is not affected the least by our realizing its eternal Truth.


Evidently, the philosophical and spiritual implications of this theory are not trivial. The HFU model really signals the union between the ancient wisdom of the east and the modern science of the west, a union predicted and hoped for by both sages and scientists throughout the centuries. The perfect way in which the two now meet is almost uncanny. The mystical traditions of the east, from Hindu philosophy to Zen practice, are invariably non dualistic. They emphasize that we are not at all separate from our world, but identical to it. They point to the transcendent and permanent reality underlying all things, and emphasize the illusory nature of the transient, phenomenal world, called “Māyā”. Identification with Māyā bring suffering, transcendence of it ultimately leads to Liberation. Western culture, being inherently oriented towards surfaces, has had difficulties integrating this perspective, but with this unification of physics we are finally provided with a concrete, intellectual understanding of non dualism, promising to finally bridge the gap between East and West.

Brahma satyaṃ jagat mithyā, jīvo brahmaiva nāparah

“Brahman is the only truth, the world is an illusion, and there is ultimately no difference between Brahman and individual self”

Unifying Consciousness

July 8, 2010

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” – Albert Einstein

The ultimate goal and promise of a Grand Unification Theory is to unite all branches of science under a common tree. With a complete understanding of the physics of our universe we can simplify and shed away layers of unnecessary complexities across the sciences, effectively fusing them into a coherent body of knowledge. This has indeed been the dream of great minds throughout the ages, and it is exactly what the Holofractographic model promise to accomplish. In the light of this unified knowledge we are required to take a second look at sciences such as biology, psychology and consciousness research, among others. For instead of viewing biological life and consciousness as randomly evolved phenomena, we may conclude that they too are the direct result of the geomtery of space-time. We needn’t put any extra causal chains between consciousness, biological life and the universal mechanics. If visible reality emerges as the result of the topology of space-time (dual torus), it is reasonable to assume that our bodies too are the result of this dynamic. The HFU model actually points out that the biological cell obeys the conditions of a black hole singularity! If that is the case we are indeed cosmic creatures, made of trillions of mini black holes spinning at the speed of light while in continuous information transfer with the Infinite…

What then is life and consciousness all about?

The HFU theory provides us with a simple, mechanical understanding of what we call consciousness. Whereas current science views self-awareness as an epiphenomenon of complex electrochemical reactions in the human brain, this new view presents consciousness as inseparable from the topology of space-time itself. They are actually the same. The dynamical feed-back loop of information transfer with the vacuum potential is happening at the speed of light and it is what we experience as consciousness. Information is flowing out from the event horizon, as it simultaneously flows back into to the vacuum singularity, creating the feed-back phenomenon of self awareness. Thus our modern science may have “confused the telephone with the conversation”, so to speak. The topology of consciousness (or space-time) is what produces the body and its electrochemical processes, not the other way around! Consciousness is not produced by the biology of brains, but is rather a quality of space itself, intrinsic to how the universe functions.

Actually it is the infinite vacuum potential that is aware of itself, as information flows through the topology of space

The topology of space is, in a way, the structure of the universal consciousness. It is the dynamic through which the vacuum potential expresses and learns about itself, and evolves into various shapes and structures, according to the laws of sacred geometry. And these forms we percieve as mysterious planets, twinkling stars, mighty trees and wondrous humans. The same dynamic at different scales manifests the Symphony of Creation from the infinite energy potential of the vacuum. Actually it is the Infinite that is aware of itself, as information flows through its fractal topology. This brings to mind the core teaching of the Eastern spiritual schools: everything is consciousness.


In the end this brings us to a complete overhaul of our world view, far reaching in its implications. Suddenly the universe is imbued with Life, and that life is none but the life of our own! Thus the modern world may awake again to the perennial fact: we are the Universe, and this vast cosmos is our own body. For ages enlightened masters has told us this, everything has consciousness, and now we may see how. Atoms, planets and stars, everything are living expressions of the Cosmic Singularity observing its own Infinitude, and that infinite expanse is at the Heart of our own Being.

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Comment by Medicineman on March 7, 2014 at 2:18pm

I am going to enjoy pulling at the the post

Comment by WillWillWill on April 13, 2012 at 2:05pm

This fractal scalar model is becoming more clear day by day.  It is crazy that the ideas of Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras and Thoth are at the heart of it all. Forms, idea and the allegory of the cave all make much more sense, once we stop viewing them as abstract ideas, but as literal underpinnings of reality. All is mind and the dramas we choose to play out are simply a result of us forgetting that they are shadows and nothing more. They only become more vivid and real when we take them too seriously.  

He said, she said, he did, she did, I,I,I,They, They, They, Blame them for your self inflicted pain. There is no shame to get caught up in the game. Our egos are our protective masks. We need them  to navigate life and fulfill many tasks. Just keep in mind to not let that ego blind you to who is behind the mask. Cut yourself some slack and just sit back. Notice the grass, the breeze, the birds, the squirrels. Smile at your folly, it will make you more jolly. 

Comment by jyo_light on April 12, 2012 at 11:24am

Great Post!!!

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