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Foreword: I probably should have gone back over this draft and corrected words/statements. But I also remember a long time ago a school teacher telling me that when taking a multiple choice test, to always select the first answer that comes to mind.
So think of the following as a long, complicated multiple choice test.

So here's my philosophical conundrum..
Lets lay out some talking points first. Consider these as you would foundation blocks.

Also know that I will question these blocks and ask "why are you here to begin with".

Lets start with that, why do I need these fundamentals. Be they architypes of behavior, psychological tendencies, caricatures of "gods"/"angels"/"demons"?

Why do I need these very specific rituals and correspondences to associate myself with said energies?

And what exactly am I building? What others have built before me?

Now this is one of the parts that I get hung up on. As above so below right? As below so above as well.

What we do here on this material plane influences higher levels of existence (or maybe better said, less dense planes of consciousness).
Its a two way street.

Then why do I need to build things in those other realms? I can build stuff here on "Midgard".
I would challenge that no building is necessary.
I am not trying to force the material realm constructs through the different levels/densities of consciousness.

But also at the same time, I am inherently, creative through consciousness.

So yeah, why not create some stuff. Sigils, rituals, trail markers on the path.

But then how far does this really need to go?
Why walk in another's footsteps to reach the same waterfall?
And what did the guy/girl in front of you leave behind?

I understand from a practical level, in the beginning some amount of framework can be necessary, but then eventually it should be abandoned.

I can also make the argument that the frameworks provided by others, are useless to you.

Perhaps the framework is right in front of you. The universe, life.
This cannot be framed and written for you! It can most certainly be influenced.
But at the end of this life, you are only left with the results and memories, of your decisions.

Basically, use the bad shit going on around you, the dislikes and annoyances, to understand yourself first (experiential tools or mirrors to see deeper).
Then do something about it. Internally or externally. Perceive, understand, act, repeat.

A point of argument to this statement would be something along the lines of, ignore people. They are automatons and nothing to provide of spiritual value, and we should look to the "Gods".

No bueno from my perspective. You have just ignored the most complex, erratic, emotional, passionate, beautiful expression of consciousness that walks around you, everyday.

It's hard to look. To truly see. Because we are met with ourselves. But that's the jist right?

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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