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Bitter words and phrases flitter about inside my head

like opium bees, stinging, left with a sense of dread

The rain hits my skin, my eyes fixated to the sky

here I can quietly sit and mask the pains of why

I'm the girl made of glass, never seen, having to scream

to be heard by those that want to break my dreams


I would carve wings on my back if only it would allow me to fly

but I remain caged in this prison created by my own mind

I'm the specter shadowing people's lives and they plead

things of me I cannot give because it is not my deed

They say...

Sweet eidolon, won't you sing, bring me a beautiful tomorrow

heal the painful yesterday, find me peace, soothe my sorrow

I give anyway...

Here remains the silence, shadows dance from the morning sun

no one around, left to pick up the pieces, no words from anyone.

©2017 Quinn-J. / Satori

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