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Why dislike or hate Sex? Why hate pleasure? Why avoid and neglect the carnal instincts?

How can mastery be attained without having engagement with that which should be understood?

Many belief systems, doctrines, and conspiracy theories will have you think and believe that Sex is "evil", "worthless", and "degenerating". Is it fear mongering? cluelessness in the attempt to know? Are the ancient scriptures outdated? Or is it true?

But why hate something so beautiful? 

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Comment by Maadam Ezmeralda Scorpus on March 31, 2019 at 1:13pm

In some people they have the misperception of what the sexuality is and how the sexual force functions entirely. Lust and sex are very different.  

Comment by sav on March 30, 2019 at 5:19am

The problem with having my comment pre-approved is that I've already thought of other things to say!

Not all the scriptures are down on sex. Take the Kama Sutra. I took a very brief - almost flip approach, but that was because you asked a good question. How are we to interpret the ancients - with what biases, what translations, and what sense of the enduring?

Not everyone has this problem with sexuality. Some moral people are actually happy being married, raising children, and enjoying the curvaceous senses of the flesh the Lord gave us.

Please approve this comment, my friend, when you get the chance.

Comment by sav on March 29, 2019 at 2:20am

Yes, the scriptures are outdated. The more we realize the beauty of communion without the fear and guilt driven into our psyches, the more we discover the uses of the other 80% of our brains. The body and the mind are one. I've heard it said here at EO that "sex is overrated". No! It is our collective perception of love making that has been underrated. Or rather, stomped with the blunt edge of body/mind duality.

I think your question is posed poignantly: "But why hate something so beautiful?" That is the twisted irony that very few people - sad to say - are willing to address full on. I say it is my duty to the Creator to promote at least the idea that god smiles upon the union of two righteous people becoming as one.     

Life is ours. As someone who has only loved women and not done that in years, I know when I deserve to possess a more thorough response to you than this - but, oh well, we have to wait for any recent reports out of me from the field. 

Comment by Chris Kelley on March 25, 2019 at 8:34pm

Its laziness basically, the act itself is neither good nor evil. But in the general observation of society, it's not fully understood. So therefore there is dogma surrounding the action based on ignorance and scarcity, fear.

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