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I have to share this because of some odd synchronicities surrounding the subject.
Please note that I am not affiliated with any group mentioned in the video.

I think that the evidence presented in the video is very interesting from a physiological point of view.
Consider the term "the hair on the back of your neck standing up".
Possibly an artifact of evolution and our connection with other "hairy" animals?

In addition, there are some esoteric arms of Islam that will not cut/shave bodily hair.
And more of a "simple" observation, dudes that have self portraits made have long hair. Think Renaissance/Elizabethan era..
British government officials have fake, long hair that's been curled and painted grey!?
What's up with that? Saturn?

Anyways, this must be shared since the classical music radio DJ today spoke about the biblical story of Samson today and his aversion to haircuts at an early age. I heard this during my lunch break.
I stumbled upon the video on Sunday.

Now the Native American Experiment:

The Individual Is Paramount

As Within So Without

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