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In order to vote in liberty, one must recognize harmonies, if in a collective meditation this also applies, the speaker says something, that is a guide for any who does not know -what to do independently- to follow along with.


If the speaker says an attribute, you feel it is not the only one, or perhaps sufficient or appropriate to yourself, use different words -rather than internalizing a droning repetition- if you disagree then add a constructive criticism, short and in harmony, each utilizing silence.


In this way one elects their role in the play, the speaker asks for light to flood the assembly: one shouts an emphatic yes internally, imagining it radiating to each; one shouts yes or claps their hands out loud; one feels the internal vibrations, imagining them running through each individual; one rubs their hands vigorously, to feel the heat as a relatively subtle sense; one breathes in deeply, feeling their heart or pulsing wrists; one visualizes light surrounding the group.


If one is to vote with their taxes, they must have the basic guideline, it is only there for those who do not know what to do (such a governing entity would however find use, of a different kind in banks -in financial advisors- all careers are intensive functions) the election is never free in an airy sense, true election has a root and one guides, but the liberty comes from lacking obligation.

One provides their own focus, the other elects their course in the political environment, that environment is not deterministic.

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Comment by Loki on August 12, 2016 at 6:40pm

Imagine an aeroponics setup, the entire plant is open, its leaves and roots receive a mist of water -periodically- mosquitos use this water source -simultaneously- sucking up various oils of the plant -be it aloe/mint/rosemary/etc.- along with that which is included in the mist, as minerals and vitamins for the plants benefit, this might be the use of natural form, as dew in forming the mosquito’s purpose.


The mosquito may shapeshift, as its environment changes so does its input (thus the material it may work with, this still requires a change of focus) the same may be true of the archon.


It is comedic (writing about the solar system and possible aliens, the archon arose) it first may appear as a menace, attempting to terraform that which is opposed (then I thought of symbiosis -rather than observe in fear- the presence shifted -no longer attacking as a menace- the voice seemed like a childs insulting superficialities) I question where another universe may lie (when one sees another -even though they are close by- is that which they are -further than the farthest star in the universe- an alternate universe and alone?) the archon didn’t want this world dead, it wished to terraform what is alien to it, the human awareness which is not thought, it sought to mold as a perfect fit.


Continuing the exploration, she told me that it required an oxygen rich environment (what if flux permeates this universe, what is separated in the end, where does alien life exist?) the brain is not the awareness, neither is thought the awareness, but the brain creates patterns and this is a major purpose.


Points of guidance exist (one must eat and this is a pillar -a guiding point- but what must one eat, this is liberty within determinism) the archon seeks to reform -but who is in whose realm- the awareness that is bound to thought, this is lashed at in direct control, but awareness does not possess absolute control, it guides as a general.


The general plans their attack, they do not control every force directly (placing their forces determines the environment of the unit -within that environment is each commander at liberty?- a smaller force breaks through when they possess momentum -creating unbearable pressure with support through communication- against a broader front) the general guides without absolute control (a fully independent military demands interrelation -just as each ranger- each unit makes decisions -breaking through victory is secured or disaster- they must act as a harmonious whole) seeking to control completely, the environment may dominate and overwhelm responsiveness -is it guidance or control?- what is the generals role in the battle (in a fight like MMA, what is the role of the individual, in relation to their body?) if one knows themselves do they control?


Creation of military with peak flexibility, does this demand inherent liberty?


The attack of the archon was on whatever was present -in my awareness- can every form of awareness be a universe, the brain is a collective of cells, but can the collective do more than imitate (the angels refused to bow, perhaps it is a matter of respect -but who impinges upon whom?- innocence is ignorance of a kind) above or below there is guidance, but what if the above is also below, a perpendicular below and a parallel one, what is harmony?


The archon and the individual, what do you control -does one know how to lead- do we follow the solar flux, and what is it that prevented the angel from bowing?


The global environment shifts, is it catastrophe or is there warning -along with rigid refusal to listen- the form reflects above and below -but better would be essentially- each is born through the below -the above exists throughout- is there always a form of harmony?


In true liberty is there absolute control -what is harmony?- but in the case of a citizen, could there be free solitaires, those who live in midst of cities, but claim no citizenship -how does one possess rooted liberty?- without being disharmonious to the whole?


We have existential freedom, this was claimed long ago, the only thing that creates suffering is contrast (one could work in a factory -under constant threat of serious injury- does suffering not exist with illness and injury -the degree may change- without the contrast to emphasize what remains?) one could live in this world, without feeling that life was anything other than life, if not for the existence of relative freedoms (but one may die sooner than another -what of it?- did they and can they live -the relative rich exist in each society- the relative free and happy form themselves) humanity overcame existence long ago.


Still one is bound, the materialist may claim the mind, the spiritualist may claim the soul (they are both rich in spirit -maturity and not spirituality contrasts- one seems enlightened simply by being mature!) both continue to possess the demand (the lower being is a slave, the higher is a master slave!) the demand for what is proper, in order to be free this remains (once it was tied to bodily existence, today it is tied to mind and soul, seeking to find the proper fit) one individual knows how to use the form, the other does not have this development, this was true of existence in ancient times.


I say that I am free -and I am!- so long as my environment allows (alas, I only speak to myself!) I am quite free, dealing with the negative -this shows maturity- utilizing the negative shows freedom, if one may utilize everything, then nothing possesses control, it is only an environment to guide through.


I am not free, so long as I cannot utilize any environment -in living- I am not free, so long as I cannot act through any environment -in love through origin- I am not free, so long as I am bound by the proper fit, thus I have no liberty, no matter my relative existential condition (if a prisoner has the election/choice -freely given by that which controls- to choose a channel/food/exercise time/blanket, they only pretend at liberty through greater election) liberty is liberty and not election.


Liberty defines the ability to elect, election does not define liberty, for I may be a slave in mentality, having the ability to elect a master, this does not ensure my liberty, only my safety at best.


The decay of spirit, this is something very few possess (I wish I could not claim it, but I can hear it -from the soulful or the mindful- with the exception of very few) neither those materialists who master the form, neither from the gurus who master their souls (the limits increase, as to what they may bear -the relative success and failure- a cage is still a cage when one finds the bars) the election I see is happiness in slavery (elect the form you wish to buy, elect the form you wish to feel, elect the form you wish to think) one is quite free, but don’t bring forth that which is undesired.


One seeks control, is it because of those moments, in which the undesired shows lacking control, I cannot stand the train that bustles past, it cannot become anything but what is perceived.


The sight of this is only recognition of decay, recognition that one limits themselves, seeking to control that which controls them, how does one utilize every event, every form?

One quickly finds the limits of their bars, which is not to take from the mature (mental or soulful, I will not use the term spiritual for most) though I have claimed the mature don’t exist, this is exaggeration -as I am guilty of from time to time!- it is certainly good to have matured, to do so is to be whole, but one goes only so far as they can -unfortunately- rarity is not spirituality!


Christ (whoever the individual was beneath that title, beneath countless skews of history, beneath the failure to understand exacerbated) he or they pushed beyond the body (regardless of the events facts -what if tortured until unconsciousness- people glorify to put away from themselves -simply placed in a crypt to die the miracle remains- the depth of the words and meaning remains) one pushes as far as they can until reborn, reborn through the depth that they held in integrity, but that figure was mature, the last moment his integrity broke, and a fault is a fault.


One looks to the fruits, saint Loyola and others were quite beyond body -the primary focus of Christianity- one sees this in false asceticism -the torture of the self- it remains bound in mind and soul, how much changes in other religions?


We can find happiness within the form -regardless of the form- each great religion shows a way, still the precarious position of proper control remains, clearly shown in the laws of civility, clearly shown as law is created to constrict (those who are bound, they demand their own chains) I rejected chains of the proper fit, but have not formed the stone for my temple.


Then the task remains, to once and for all remove all escape -neither of suicide nor nirvana- the bliss that demands a decadent form (for me the still of meditation, that induces the high to the lows) allowing awareness to remain, bound within the chains of the proper fit.


My apologies, for my lack of maturity, but I meant to be an asshole -my one hope- to be a funny asshole would be best (for the decadent proper of this society -long developed- so proud of its superiority -one would have thought it should develop competence!- this proud society deserves a comparable joke!) to be rich in the spirit, that is what I sought, a good joke!


I want to say, I was only sorry for my presumption, as for my contempt I meant most every word (some would claim pretentiousness -some claim to know what ignorance is- the ignorance -!- I was only contemptuous!) I meant to insult by use of truth -for it was fully earned- then it is time to go down (removing the escape of bliss, by recognition of the decay demanded -simply to obtain it- even during the bliss removes the escape) since there is no way shower to what I wish to find, beyond the point of the greatest developed maturity, I will create it for myself, or drown in the void.


Then thank you -truly I do mean it- for the perfect mimicry of my contempt, it has shown my every weakness, now it is time to find if I may go past, beyond my Scylla and Charibdis.


Side note:

I would like to apologize, for jibing that athletes only care about money, I should have made a sarcastic note of good charity, even as parents pay one or three thousand more, to support what they should (and since I forgot to say it, good luck to Hall -regardless of whether or not I’d think he’s a jackass- yay for paranoia!).


Post Script:


I won’t be returning to make another post, unless I am able to claim integrity in this -this was just to put a taste of various ideas- I will do my best not to put forth any experience (for the actual experience skews, for any who would seek their own way, this is my initiation) I only wish to put forth guiding points, if I am able to move through, recognizing those pillars for myself (we all must eat -what does this tell of eating?- you may find food there, but too much is poisonous) I wished to put forth something of worth, believing that I would commit suicide at its end, but plans change and she begged me to stay.


Until I feel I have full integrity in all statements -even beyond that which I am ignorant of in specificity- I swear on my father’s grave, and on my word, I will not create further work for viewing, until true integrity exists.


At this phase it ceases to matter, what the response may be, for it is neither the physical limit nor the emotion, let alone the emanations or visible thought -I will establish that essential integrity- I will give validity and depth to this writing (although it doesn’t matter since there are mature individuals -even a few enlightened ones perhaps!- since this world is already terraforming, the global change will come) there is only one way that integrity may come (or an infinity of ways, ah, but why so serious!) ha!

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