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Harvard Applied Christian Faith - FAQ

The Most Frequently Asked Questions Concerning God (1-14) 

(1) Can you prove God is real?
(2) Why is God so hidden?
(3) Why does the Bible refer to God as He?
(4) Is the Bible God's Word?
(5) What is the Truth?
(6) Where did Man come from?
(7) What is the meaning of human existence?
(8) Which religion is right?
(9) Why does God let innocent people suffer?
(10) When will the world end? *
(11) What happens after we die? *
(12) Why be a Christian (when many are hypocrites)?
(13) What is a Born-again Christian? *
(14) What is the meaning of baptism? *

This series is published by college Christians at UC Berkeley
A star (*) denotes a file not yet available

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Comment by Ray Stevens on February 23, 2018 at 6:21am

why are the links to the questions telling me forbidden access

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