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Imagine taking an ultraviolet light stick, a bar prevents the light from reflecting, the stick is moved about the contours of the mouth, it's purpose is simply reducing the number of bacteria.

Through the day one swishes very small amounts of oil -often advertised is coconut but others work- the oil simply acts to coat the mouth, reducing the amount of bacterial growth (as in mayonnaise, with oil and raw egg) retarding growth to acceptable levels.

After a large meal, the individual brushes with a regular brush -along with a floss stick- using sea salt based pro-biotic forms, to dislodge chunks from the teeth, while providing a good base for oil dipping.

Can a bio-dynamic environment be created in the mouth, similar to those of various tribes studied (they possessed excellent oral health, along with a film, that coated the teeth and gums) in another sense, rather than committing genocide in integrity, can one create strength and power -vitality- within every aspect, extending from the human out, both above and below.

Can one create a bio-dynamic mouth, can one create a bio-dynamic city, can one create a bio-dynamic world?

What's this, the world is natural, it is the definition of bio-dynamic, right?

People speak of artifice -as if- humans are not natural beings, but in order to ask if people can create a bio-dynamic world, one must first ask if humans can create a mind -foolish!- and yet there is no mind that is rooted, for the mind is not the result of sense, the mind is a result of pattern.

It is not blocked off from the world, but is layered upon it, the sense is merely its nurse -but what is nourishment?- one must have light to see this pattern, to overlay it upon the solid points of Terra.

How does one create beyond reactive duality, instead seeing the points of solidity -that which is- developing them based upon ones own pattern -responsive and not reactive- as anything may deepen further (an individual spends a lifetime learning, may they still learn further?) I am a proponent of evolution!

Is natural artifice something unique, or is it merely, competent -skillful would be less provoking- but I think, the vanity of this world should be provoked!

Vitalizing the world with awareness.

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