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Hello shadow how many years has it be, we always fight

Me and you like two sibling’s reflections of one another

So the same yet very different, a mirror image of the other.

Never not ones did I thank you, but never did you allow me to be me.

Years you keep me safe by putting me in a golden cage.

Years I try to escape it by fighting you.


Hello shadow I don’t think I missed you much,

You never allowed me the chance to miss you always here in my face.

Hidden in the shadows of my mind in the dark tunnel of the fear

Yet always so clearly present always visible in the darkness of my doubts.

When will we find peace me and you, when will this war be over?


Hello shadow time has come we put down the swords

Two sides of the same coin shouldn’t fight each other year after year.

Like sisters, twins we always oppose what path we are supposed to take.

Yet we both work for the good of this soul we are.

I don’t wish to fight you anymore, I cant do it anymore I am tired.


Hello shadow I saw mother last week, she was as beautiful as always

She showed me where our soul was born where it flys free.

She ran through our vanes line river wild and free

She spoke in my soul and told me who I am, she whispered to me that I am home.

What is the purpose of this war we wage when we are home now?


Hello shadow I wave the white flag now, I call for peace

I retreat I put my sward down and my shield

I won’t fight you anymore because I love you.

To fight a part of myself is to deny who I am, all of me.

From this day on we will find another way a common goal

The betterment of the soul in love and compassion

Instead of war and rage, love is the strongest protector.

It is stronger than anger and mightier than hate.


Hello shadow of my mind, lets be friends?

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Comment by anki on August 15, 2017 at 10:26am

thanks a lot for taking the time to read it

Comment by anki on August 15, 2017 at 10:26am

feel free to ask about it if u want to know

Comment by balwant singh on August 14, 2017 at 6:10am

Must read again and again to fathom the depths.  I promise to myself to read it again this week, but very slowly and experience and observe the experience and know any difference in the two readings.

Why not do it just now as a rehearsal!

Did it.

Half, no more than half,went above the head. Really mystic: as mystic as the paintings of van Gugh.

But water will become vapour at 100 degree C and In my case it has not yet started boiling.

And bs must go on trying and let result come when they come. (there is no other option ).

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