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High Frequencies, Electro magnetics, are they preventing healing??

Hi All, just a link I found interesting whilst reading material on electro magnetics, brain waves and so on.

Currently living in Exmouth Western Australia, which is home to one of the biggest HAARP facilities, also was secretly visited by Hillary Clinton a few months back, as this US base is to be used to watch 'space junk'. I have a feeling it is being used to harness zero point energy, and they are using Tesla technology to do so, also something to do with holograms (blue beam) and mk ultra, using electro magnetics to create mental disorders, or basically just to keep the world in a beta brain wave pattern, dumbed down and unable to raise vibrations. This article mention sound patterns, which I thought the Cymatics group would find interesting. If anyone has any info regarding anything I mentioned, would be great to read. Interestingly, I was sitting in my car last night, only 200 metres from the main facility, which has a pulsing light, and it was raining, lots of weird cloud cover, and my car was turned off. It was pitch black apart from the pulsing lights, and 'rigs' which sit off the coast, not sure what their role is yet, but some kind of energy house for the facility, they started pulsing, and I felt rumblings, then my stereo in my car came on, went off, and then about 10 mins later did it again, then again a bit later, but this time on and off several times.  This kept going on for over an hour, then I left.  When I drive to town from where we are, we have to drive past the base, and my stereo constantly turns itself on, but the reception of the radio is bad when going past the area.  I started to research the effects on the brain a while ago, however, due to the fact that my partner and I have been feeling extremely irritated lately, and I find it difficult to center myself, I know it has something to do with being so close to this place.  Many people we come accross have a bi polar feel to them, and this town reminds me of 'pleasantville', somethings just not right.  Also, the strangest thing of all, is that the indigenous people have left the area.  Someone mentioned a curse, and on the net, all seems well, that the tribes own the land they should, but unlike most towns up this way, I rarely see anyone indigenous, and to me that means a lot!  Here's another link to look at re HAARP and the ionosphere and the brain.

I am usually reading about anything ego or soul related, and have been now led down this path recently, so I have to wonder if its related.  Maybe electro magnetics are preventing healing, splitting our personality self into so many fragments that its becoming harder to reach center at all.  I'm seriously contemplating wearing a tin foil hat!  Love and light, Samantha :-)

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Comment by Samantha Chapman on June 11, 2011 at 8:07pm
Would love to just leave, sadly have responsibility and commitment at present, but trying,  believe me, had enough of this place :-)
Comment by Samantha Chapman on June 8, 2011 at 10:36pm
Christine, not sure what you're getting at in the last part? Sounds a bit racist to me, however, your silly comment 'move' is ridiculous to say the least. Its funny that you think you could just 'move' away from the electro magnetic field thats put out there.  haha   You are funny.  Its EVERYWHERE!!!!  Do some research and please don't comment again  unless you have something worthwhile to say, and definately no racism here please!!!!
Comment by Samantha Chapman on June 4, 2011 at 7:09pm
Thanks for comments, and love the picture!!  I know in one of those links I put here, it mentions split personas that switch and have different biological makeups, I have some experience with splits, so have no doubt this is true, which gave me the thoughts on the frequencies doing some splitting, so interesting about the microwaves knocking out the patterns.  It is currently pouring with rain here now, bit of cloud seeding?  Oh and Sean, i'm glad you came accross this, never coincidences though!  haha  This site gives me a lot of answers when most needed :-)

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