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This article is the most complete/detailed description of the method I use to create psi balls. I tried to write this article for a 3 year old so no one would be confused. Forgive me for being redundant and stupid in many parts, but I just wanted to make sure I covered everything Smile. Also, it's written for beginners - I'm not gonna tell you how to throw or add information to them. Here it is, a complete, step-by-step procedure, for making psi balls.

Step 1
Decide where to make the psi ball

Before you make the psi ball, you have to decide where to make it. You can make it anywhere you want. You can make it in your hands, at your third eye, across the room, or in china!

The point is... it can be anywhere. Most people choose their hands. If you are choosing your hands, there are a couple positions you can put them in. Here is a picture of 3 that I use:

You can make your own positions or use these. It doesn't matter. Once you figure out where your going to make it and get in the correct position, you can move onto step 2.

Step 2
Decide your source of energy

Most people use energy from somewhere else to make a psi ball. You can use your energy, but you will run out faster and get tired. You can use anything as your source of energy. For example, you can use the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, or you can use people or objects. Usually planets/stars/moons are a good choice because they have a lot of energy.

Step 3
Start drawing energy from your source

Drawing energy from your source is easy. All you have to do is visualize energy coming from your source and entering or surrounding your body. Visualizing is just like imagining or pretending, just picture it in your head. You can visualize anything you want, as long as it seems like your absorbing energy from the source. Some people close their eyes, some don't - do both and see what works for you. For example, I visualize myself standing on the Earth with energy coming from the core, through the ground, and into my body through my feet.

Please keep in mind, this is just an example... you can imagine anything you want. Here's some ideas I just came up with:

  • Your source has an outlet and you "plug" into it and get energy
  • Your source is above you and a water-fall is flowing over you, coming from the source
  • Your source is above you and is acting like a cloud, shooting lightning bolts of energy into you
  • Your source is feeding you hunks of energy, which you eat

As you can see, anything will work. Once you draw energy from your source and you get a constant flow (could take seconds, could take minutes) you can move onto step 4.

Step 4
Direct the energy inside your body to the location you're making the psi ball

Now, while still drawing energy from your source, direct the energy to where you're making the psi ball. Once it gets to the location, visualize the energy swirling around in the shape of a ball. For example, I visualize the energy twisting around my arms and swirling around in my hands.


Of course, this isn't exactly what I visualize, but I didn't want to spend hours and hours making an animation. Some tips while your doing this - when you imagine the energy moving, imagine yourself feeling it move. Also, imagine hearing it to. Try using as many senses as possible, if you pretend to feel it, hear it, and see it, then the visualization is stronger. Congratulations! You're making a psi ball!

Step 5
Adding more energy to the psi ball

To add energy, you just keep visualizing the energy entering the psi ball. There are two ways though... one, you could make the psi ball get bigger then compress it down, or two, you can make the psi ball denser and leave the size the same. If you're going to make the psi ball bigger, I suggest moving your hands apart then bring them closer together when you compress the ball. Note - you are not compressing the psi ball with your hands, you have to visualize it. Here is an example:

Growing Animation

Personally, I do it the other way - leave the psi ball the same, just make it denser. Here is what you could visualize:

Dense Animation

And that's how you add more energy to your psi ball! Yippee Smile!!!

Step 6
Letting your psi ball go... *sniff*

Well, when it's time to get rid of the psi ball, all you have to do is let it go. That's it. Hopefully you haven't grown too attached to it Smile... So, when it's time, release your hold and let the energy filter into the air. Just let it diffuse... and that's it!


Message from me:

I have been really sceptic about the PSI (or chi) ball thing. But few days ago I have tried to do it... and guess what? I have succeeded ! I can't describe the actual feeling that I felt between my palms but it was so powerful... it's like your both arms were magnets turned at each other with the same pole. Before doing the PSI ball I have meditated and it took around 5-7 mins to make a ball that I can feel. Not to forget to mention, there's a thing called PSI (chi) wheel. It's basically a simple sheet of paper that is balanced on the needle to help you to practice making PSI balls and also telekinesis. However, don't forget that PSI wheel can be moved by the most simple energy source like your breath or the wind so I suggest you to cover your nose with something :) Here's a vid that shows how to make a PSI wheel:

Have fun exploring your power ~

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Comment by Eternal Flame on December 23, 2011 at 6:42am

Excellent, thank you!

Comment by Seagypsy on December 21, 2011 at 9:12pm

This is really great - I have been doing this for years in a standing meditation but it was really great to see this simple method used here - I'm using it for teaching my grandchildren.  Thanks so much and I agree with Steve - an excellent share!!!

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