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I wonder about possession. If I am possessed, then I am consumed.
Utterly infatuated and immersed.
Now you are probably thinking about demons at this point (or perhaps not), but also consider a violinist playing/performing Vivaldi.
Or consider lovers in the thrall of sexual interaction.
Or perhaps a surfer that becomes one with the wave.

These experiences can be considered "possession", but also single mindedness.
But not single mindedness in the form of one thought.
Perhaps it's the complete immersion into an experience.

Think of the surfer, so many factors and variables are present in that endeavor. So many intangibles that cannot be fully measured, but the surfer succeeds in standing on a piece of material shredding through thousands of gallons of water that could potentially crush, mame, and drown the surfer.

Balance is learned. Respect is learned.

On a macro level, perhaps this is the formula.
Riding that edge of the circle to bring balance on the edge.

That seems to me what we try to do anyways.
Maybe not always in the most beneficial direction, but that's what we are looking for (my consideration).

So what would be on the other side of that polarity of experience.
Let's try Ego. What is ego? One way to describe it (IMHO), is experiences calcified into a lens, a perspective which dictates action.

No longer thought, but an accepted and trained coloring of the world.
Stay safe, be comfortable. This is how it is, and I don't like anything different.
A general framework of operation.

What I propose now, is that we all attempt to find some edge.
Some edge to sit on. The edge is both our perception and our actions. Perceived balance through accepted imbalance.
But the edge is not what is accepted.
The appears to be two sided, dichotomy.
Perhaps the true edge is that plus movement. Sides move and change.
Like a mountaintop road that erodes and becomes blocked by falling rock.

We create the path to follow.
And we follow the path we create.

Experience produces consciousness.
And we seek both, whether we know it or not.

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