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Hi Folks,

I have self-published 12 books. I am working with a coach to see if I can get my 12 books selling. It seems that doing it online the title needs to have the keyword in the title so it can be found by search engines.  


I would like to ask for your help with a new title for my first volume called “The TimeLine of Eternity.”

This book is about the birth and development of the universe, galaxies, solar systems, planets and humans. The title I have now doesn’t have any of the keywords in it.


My coach wants me to survey people to see which of 5 new title and subtitles I’ve come up with that they like the most. Which ones would make you take notice and buy the book. I’m listing them below and would appreciate it if you could give me your 1st and 2nd choice out of the five, for the title and 1st and 2nd choice out of the five for the subtitle. You can just leave a message below this post or send me an email with your choices to Thank you so much.


  1. “The Universe - New Insights into Your Connection With It”
  2. “The Universe - New Insights into How it Really All Began”
  3. “The Universe - An Unforgettable Look at Our Beginnings”
  4. “The Universe - A Realistic Look at Our Beginnings”
  5. “The Universe - New Insights into Your Ancient Ancestors”



  1. “A Truth Seeker's Guide To Understanding the Hidden Secrets of the Universe"
  2. “A Truth Seeker’s Guide to Understanding If We Really Came From Monkeys?”
  3. “The TimeTraveler Takes You On An Unforgettable Journey”
  4. “A Truth Seeker’s Guide to Your Relationship to the Creator”
  5. “Rewrite the Bible – Unthinkable! Expand and update the Bible – Yes!”

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Comment by Norma Hickox on February 21, 2018 at 11:41am

Thanks so much for your feedback Sav. So far #3 is leading for the title and #1 for the subtitle. I know you said you didn't like unforgettable but it's the one that's in the lead right now. The results are still coming in on Facebook and EO. I'll keep you posted for the winning pair. And you're absolutely correct on changing "to" to "with" on subtitle #4." Thank you for that correction.

Comment by sav on February 21, 2018 at 9:26am

The combination winner for me is

The Universe - New Insights into Your Ancient Ancestors a Truth Seeker's Guide to Understanding the Hidden Secrets of the Universe

My second choice would be to use one of the subtitles as the title - A Truth Seeker's Guide to Your Relationship {with} the Creator, with Titles 1, 2, or 5 working as sub-titles. This comes second to address how the Bible must enter into your discussion. Subtitle 5 shows a sense of humor, but unfortunately, humor is much more open to the emotion behind it than is useful here. You don't want to drive anyone away. This is also why any mention of "unforgettable" doesn't work in a book title for me - the reader may not agree. Finally, that's why I changed "to" to "with" - because the second title does speak more to religion, it would seem, than the first. The repetition of "to" does not sound great, but I can see that is how exactly more you mean --- the roots to something rather than the roots with something. 

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