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Stand here.

The awareness of every other one perceives your form in this moment.  In the mind of each you are acting amid their perspectives of the context. 

Stand here, and a decision has been made.  Seeing the response from every other awareness-perspective, I seek to lead myself, but this is reactive to a perspective that cannot be mine.

We move and act, knowing every other awareness is present.  Perhaps, knowing that every other awareness sees its own perspective, not at all concerned with the other, though perhaps empathetic to the essential presence and momentary context.

Afraid of failing the perfection of a right act: focused on the other before the reality of a moment.

Moving forward: make the plan and path for the simply good act; and yet, here I grasp, having moved only  because I should; worse still, having done nothing for fear of a poor and erroneous path.

May 1 act, in a very small action, focusing the breath through a simple forward motion.  One may perhaps carry water or chop wood, plan a rough event outline, simply shift a stance within awareness of the breath.  Not for the sake of the  event, and yet only a basic  point of confidence in self and other, the action holds to no ends, but here and now.  Is this possible?  Consider this, only as an  exploration.

Without holding to any particular end, one might act and reflect in stopping stillness, act and reflect.  There is no where to go, but the confidence of an act here and now, where the "I can" underlies the future. 

Too specific an outcome, and I hold it in awareness, for sake of a momentary perspective,but did I even care?  Did the initiating perspective remain, beyond a thought that I should, be doing. . . some-thing?

Considering non-action, what trains habit?

I act for a future, and fail to see the moment, I hold in the moment and fail to act.  How does one maintain confidence, and allow a moment to clarify, to act with awareness and decisiveness in a moment?  How does this become natural, beyond the perspectives of self and other?

Stand here, and which is bigger, between the thought of a perspective and the flowing moment or flowing breath (yin+yang) herein we may find a cause. 

No-plan survives the battlefield, no-plan survives reality.

Then consider non-action, what guides the habit, so often knowing is based in rigidity, or good sense is lost too inaction.

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Comment by Loki on October 29, 2019 at 10:07pm

I'm glad it had impact for you, as I search my own depth, I appreciate your response.

Comment by Suzanne on October 28, 2019 at 4:32pm

Beautiful, I can feel every word you wrote. Thank you for sharing.

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