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Imagination. I think this word get a bad rap in our current age.
For one, it's can be associated with "fantasizing" while not "paying" attention to that which is being taught/served.
On the opposite side of that prejudice, you need to imagine if you are to build.
You have to plan, and create a course of direction to achieve that which has been "imagined" in the mind (goal setting and action plans).

The distinction here I believe, is that the work that is done internally becomes looked down upon by our current culture.
While the imaginary work performed to build external structures/achievements is championed.

The tool is the same in either situation, and the outcome is different depending on the intention.
Hammers can build and destroy; inside and out.

This line of thought was influenced by Martin Faulks video here:

And further by Gordon White's chat here on Aeon Byte:

I think these two conversations mesh up nicely in that, we can begin to contemplate the stories that we have accepted or created, and how they dictate our day to day actions and decisions.
And we can also recognize the source of those stories, memories.

But also consider that these stories and actions (vice versa) are malleable.
This realization can be shocking, but at the same time liberating.

Which is scary, and I think I have been working my way through this in my own way.
So I come back to the hammer, and thus the framework.

These are tools. Neither are bad or good. It's the intention that matters.
And the intention is your own. No one can answer for that but you.

Now on the flip side, which I believe ties into nicely with my severe questioning of gods and religious frameworks, is that the tool/framework does not exist in a vacuum.
It is a result of the environment. Context should never be shunned.
Which is important when considering the thoughts and actions of others.
Historically or presently.

But getting back to imagination, it's still a tool. And necessity is the "mother" of creation.
You need tools to create...

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