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IMPORTANT: Manifest Good Life Every Morning!

A Lesson

Naturally Manifesting A Negative Or Positive Life?


Positive : Ooh, Coffee Time!
Negative: Ooh, I Hate Mondays

Day Time:
Positive: Wow, Birds Singing, Oh’ How Beautiful
Negative: peep* Just Hate This Job

Positive: Ahh, Home At Last
Negative: My Day Sucks

These Are Just Examples, But Manifest Wisely From The Morning Til’ The Evening..

Also, Be Thankful Of Little Things, ’Cause Not Everyone Has Even Enough Food , Water Or Heck, Bigger Things Like Legs Or Arms..

Choose Manifesting Positive Life!

Btw, If You Wonder

Lesson Continued

..Do I Have Bad Days ’Cause I’m Happy Often? 

Ofc, I Do. But Then We All Do..

But I Just Get Over It & Find That Positivity Again..

I’m Not Whining Here Online About These Things, As I Know, Then I Would Attract That ”Negativity” & Basically, Continue The Negative Sphere..Rather, Fix Shit, k? 

Start Seeing Positivity When The Morning Starts / Every Morning!

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