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A lot of it has to do with motivation. If that's what you feel then you get what you want. Time perfect and pressure makes diamonds. A diamond child who started out as an Indigo. Summer break has had its up and downs. Trying to worship the right way. The Beast of The Sea. A water element, more like a Water Dragon. Reverting back to the end of time. Yup, from the very beginning. No short of words. Hallelujah! Don't rely your guilt for happiness. People seem to have it backwards. If you're comfortable in your own shoes then you can begin your journey. Mean mug where I pour my coffee. Implementing my own psychic touch to the new and upcoming generations. I create my own salvation. For the love of God. The Sun God while at the depths of the deepest blue sea. Coming around and breaking standards. Now it's time to create new ones.

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