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Consider the ancient, indigenous rites of initiation into adulthood. Google this and read about them. I am not going to explain this subject matter to you. If you do not know, read.

Now my take on this is that, very simply, we have those negative/fearful energies in us. At all times.
These ancient rites of initial, revealed those energies to the participant.
This has been forgotten, or corrupted into something destructive without purpose.

These energies were meant to be experienced and understood.
The "rite" of passage was not achieving some end goal, it was about the experience.
And well, maybe the further back you go, the end goal was survival, not just an initiation, but proof you could survive a long hunt and be relied upon when shit hit the fan via a initiation ritual that tested your inner resolve.

But those two views are pretty much the same.
Either way it was a test.
What's the saying? Something like "adversity is the mirror that shows man himself".
However you analyze and judge the process, it's still a process.

And if you want to get analytical about it, what better way to understand processes and associations than with an eye opening experience that silences the ego and forces the participant to truly become the participant in these realms of thought, emotion, and energy that are always present.

In my eyes, it is the very blunt, dull beating of experience itself than can help expand the bowl of consciousness.
Or you get to the point, let the ego die, and fight for survival.
Either path requires attention and experience.

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