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Earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, hurricanes of intense power!
Made by man? Has fear placed you in a corner of cower?
Moment is now! This exact hour!
We must raise the bar! Ourselves Empower!
Allow evil not, unto us-destroy and devour!

Divine Mother Gaia is at Critical Mass!
What next? Crazy man to detonate a nuclear blast?
How long will We allow this Insanity to last?
Inhale chemtrail’s exhaust and gas!
How did we permit horrors aghast?

Halt! Breath! Step Back!
What is it We, as a Collective, lack?
Allow not, our planet to crack!
Evil will continue to attack!
Ego driven, prideful maniacs!

What is love?
Gentle is not the true nature of a dove!
As below, so above!
Right hand doth wear left glove!
All in One. Except not-part of!

Each a unique and independent star!
Zero equals two, yet One We are!
Excel higher! Raise the bar!
GNO Thyself ! Cease Your inner spar!
Shine bright as a Collective Infinity near and far!

(written by margaretchristieburns 12/15/18)

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