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Where there is love, care is fulfilled. Opposing care wins out on the personal plane. Every entity has a personal area of existence where their love takes form. It consists of an infinite amount of entities, all forming the order of that love. There are an infinite amount of angels, each consisting of an infinite amount of truth. Every truth each consists of an infinite amount of information, each consisting of the same infinite amount of angels. That is how many we all are.


God is the amounting of all of those entities. That is an eternal darkness - a holy night. It radiates with the light filling every entity with new life. That life is all that we believe it is, instantly fulfilling us according to kismet; the will of god. The will of god is all belief that ever will be, in relation to each of us first being fulfilled as personal individuals. Then as a family. Then as a civilization. This is the order of love.


In the order of love, we are fulfilled; every moment. The manifestation of the world around us takes form in that fulfillment - as we care. When we care for different things, we are first fulfilled as individuals and have the chance to evolve into anything new. When we care for each other, regardless of differences, we are fulfilled as a family. When our family extends to everyone in our care, we are fulfilled as a civilization. Then magic happens.

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Comment by flameinthesnow on October 12, 2018 at 11:26am

Thank you. :) 

Comment by sav on September 26, 2018 at 5:01am

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