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One flow is the increasing technology. That seems to be leading toward our civilization becoming a Type 1. At the same time, an almost unknown flow is the message which was hidden (by steganography) in three documents (Old Testament, New Testament, and Book Of Mormon), and then encoded so as to be misunderstood, unless correctly decoded. It was hidden away in the 1769 edition of the King James Version, and in the 1830 document, The Book Of Mormon. It is not clear to me why the message was (partially) revealed and partially decoded at this time. I cannot understand the reason that it is concurrent with the flow of technology toward a Type 1 civilization. How would a turmoil in Judaism, Christianity and Mormonism help the flow toward a Type 1 civilization??

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Comment by Michael Chukwuka Nwoye on July 27, 2017 at 8:38am

There appears to be a sort of turmoil in virtually all religious and esoteric organizations, because of impatience coupled with misunderstanding.  There are schisms of sorts and accusations and counter-accusations of holding back the key, cheating, and subtle enslavement thereby.  The generations of men and women of these days cannot just wait "for it to happen".  They rather want it here and now, and which is understood.  Incidentally, nothing can be hidden anymore and the movement  to Type 1 civilization  is in motion, though our individual assessment of the time frame varies.  Like they say, It is the part of age to wait, and the part of youth to be in a hurry.  What the aged calls hurry is perhaps normal speed, while what the youth calls slow motion is also normal speed depending on the direction you are coming from. Whether there is turmoil in Judaism, Christianity, Mormonism, Islam, African Traditional Religion and what have you, the world is in motion, matching to the so called Type 1 Civilization. Afterall do they not say that time is simply a duration of consciousness? Whose consciousness, I may ask? Just my take.

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