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The virtual vicarious visardist.
One not defined by a name.
Precariously standing in doorways.
Daring to peak through the veil.

Emotions unable to feign.
Dig deep once again… .

You know you’re here for this.
Just one step
Into the Abyss.

No memory survives the Void
Unless you learn to live
With higher thoughts & colder veins.
A gift the Cosmos gives.

Every up will have it’s down.
Every Yang, it’s Yin.
You designate: “Evil" “Good"
Don’t see what really is!

I’m just one link in the chain.
Everything composed of change.

You know you’re made for this.
Just one step
Into the abyss.

(But, until I have the unwavering Will
to really step on through,
Never mind a single thing I ever say to you.)

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