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What is it that dwells me as the sun goes down

A symphony of noises that never made a sound

Frozen  notes of once have beens

Emotions of agony buried deep within

For why is this road less travelled,

Rockier than the stones at sea

And why does this heart restless

Even with the moon at ease.


No birds in flight above the waters

No worms crawling underneath the sand

Just endless ramble of the forgotten

The shadows living in the skin.


The never resting song of the lost

Forever into limbo endless

A dance within a rainbow blackened

As the steps of chaos play the chord.

Thought by thought my live unravels

A never ending story of the mind

An empty book yet to be written

By a madman killing time.


Aw sweet chaos so orgasmic

Into the streams of my blood you run

The mind of no mind you take over

Even when the story is defined.

Step one, step two the riddle goes

Behind empty eyes its written

Two chestnuts spinning round

For the creation is being bitten.


A heart of empty halls is pounding

For the peace never existing

For a chaos is the ruler

Of this puzzle of the living

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Comment by flameinthesnow on October 19, 2018 at 12:45pm

Your unique voice and talent reaches through the subconscious and leaks into the visible world and says, listen! 

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