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 Greetings Friends... Archer De Angelo here…. Simply a voice within the vastness of the experience. Today’s quote, words to ponder, “The Solution is the caws of the Problem” Who said the problem comes before the solution? “May you experience timelessness and find the solution before the problem” You will do this when you evolve to a more understanding point than where you are now. Greater understand of this message will be found when you arrive at that point. Your own place of understanding. That is what, was in a small way meant, with the faze “Having Faith. You were never told how to do it. Have faith in the knowing that you have and hold the ability to find the path in your experience that will lead you to that point. A place where you no longer feel disillusionment, discord and difficult needs to be filled.... To be continued….  Take care and L&L to all… AD

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Comment by Laura Kemp on October 27, 2019 at 4:24pm

To me, a solution before the problem is always met after a night of astral travel or a precognitive dream. I get informed about bad things that haven't happened yet and so, I start looking for solutions...This I'm good at. 

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