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The wonderful goddess. Temptation dealing with pain. Don't worry, I'm going to lock it in. It was the Full Moon earlier last week. Take it with the degrees from whatever echelon. Destined to be great. My bad, didn't mean to ignore you. I felt like I was oppressive. I can literally feel her tears. Yes, I'm in love, I have no reason to lie. Lying never benefited me. I'd assume that's how it is with some people. The light of Venus is blinding. The 8 pointed star. More like T8uler. Lol, Taurus I mean. Can't you tell I'm nervous? She always is destined to "hex." It's always whatever. Let's talk business. Tic for tat seems appropriate. Thank God, these hexes are ridiculous. Yup, water into wine. There's some sort of faith involves but El seems confident and so am I. It'll lock on during the New Moon. God Bless.

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