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Please allow me to judge others. This is what I do best.
But also allow to direct my judgement unto you.
If you have been drawn/directed to this course of study, I will flagrantly remind you that it is YOURS.
Yours in all regards and aspects.
The only one that truely holds juristication over that judgement is you.
Not your political association, not what you co-workers say, not what your family expects.
You are both defendant and plantiff. You are both judge and jury.
This again has been monitized, manipulated and taken from you.
This process of self observation and judgement is natural. It's a tool, a process for developement.
Now the process has been legalized, but also it has been commercialized and ridiculed.
Why would anyone bother to look at themselves when the baseline mindset is to look at others?
There is not YOU, because there is someone else...

The Individual Is Paramount

As Within So Without

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