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Years ago I wrote a generic ruleset for tabletop roleplying gaming. There was a section on Spheres and Planes in it which I typed as I did because I wanted it to resemble how things really are in my mind, as much as possible to work well in a game setting. It went like this;

"This system supports gameplay on physical planes and on the celestial planes. The game plays out in a universe that consists of three types of planes.

  • The physical planes

These planes are governed by fundamental laws that are crucial for how the planes operates. These fundamental laws often reminds of each other on the different planes. There are though tens of thousands of different physical planes and that as a consequence means that there are a whole lot of physical planes which fundamental laws completely separates themselves from other planes. Fundamental laws can't be broken, but to some extent it is possible to locally bend them.

  • The ethereal plane

This plane is an eternal darkness. All is dark except for the light that steadily illuminates the souls that fills its void with a force of the souls' own perfect visage of themselves. Steadily and in harmony with these visages, these souls are fulfilled by the light with new life.

  • The celestial planes

These planes consists of gatherings of beings whos' insight exceeds the belief on the existence of systems that can reign over our freedom. These beings has influence, or power on all planes, as long as it does not exceed that power in others. These planes does as a rule not have any fundamental laws but are entirely controlled by the deities here. Customs may still exist (read about the Custom), and then often resting on the prime creator's desire. These though easily limits the attraction value and are most often only present in more personal planes."

Then it goes on to describe the Custom, which basically is the rule from the saying, "When in Rome, do as the Romans". It goes like this;

"The Custom

Regardless of the plane we are in, there is a sphere of definitions, be they present or not. The Custom can for certain be defined as non-present, but fully non-present they aren't actually really anywhere. The Custom is about the respect of these definitions. The fundament consists in that these definitions can't be broken, since they are the essence of the sphere itself. To break them can only occur in the light of an illusion, since they make up the soul of the place itself and therefore cannot be broken without in actuality being someplace else.

   The Custom is not the same as fundamental laws, that to some extent can be bent. Fundamental laws are generally there because  the inhabitants of a sphere on some level are agreeing upon that it is that way, while the Custom has come to be of the prime creator including the Custom in the basic idea with its roots in the reason for the creation of the sphere to begin with. The Custom can only on this basis change."

I wish we all can meet in a place that looks like this. The first step in a world that does is to come to realize that we are not bound by any of the laws beyond our own sense of freedom. The rest is just an agreement. As far as I remember it, this is the universe without a custom.

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