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As I use the word just to imply this as deserving or rightful and not to minimize. So with this distinction of my intended I will say all existence that changes is life. All life is just as it is. Please bare with me in the foundation of the frame of reference. I have seen the all existence as a life form. And this life form is made of many smaller forms of life. Many of these forms are purely energetic in nature and others established patterns of manifestation or matter. All of the same source and in constant resonance to their form. All have a scale of polarity in witch they find a natural form of being. While all is of the same source and even at times made of the same design, it is never the same place or time in the cycle. With this all is uniquely connected and aware at the core. All having that inner connection to the strength and shared purpose to grow and change through the experiences shared as cycles of life in all its forms. So it is in the need of existence for change and challenge for growth. To me it is a disservice to tell others their place in life. It is a service to tell them to live and grow. It is a disservice to tell others what to think, but it is a service to tell them to think. It is not my place to tell them to leave the gutter, but I would be there to offer a hand of comfort or a hand up. Help by just being! Allow all to be who they are. Even if they are out of the heart’s reach, be the stewards and guardians of your life. Care and share with all in opportunity and kinship. Try to see the way through in harmony with life.

Namaste JD

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