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Know thyself - Many paths leading to self-realization

Wars have been fought over belief - by people who were convinced that everyone should live under the same principles. People have sought to control the world by trying to place everyone under the same banner. Globalism is exactly that in modern times by promoting 'sameness' and destroying uniqueness expressed by local culture and local identity - local ways of doing things. People should be free to experience life the way they deem right. Making mistakes is part of that. What works for one person, even if this person is called a master, shouldn't be held up as the guideline for everyone. Life is expansive and experimental... The multitude of species and orientations in nature testifies to this. Some people are misusing the examples of others when they are pretending their example is the way everyone should live. At best, experiences of others can be an inspiration to our lives, and their example can be a temporal support, but ideally everyone works out what works best for them. Saying everyone has the same goal is wrong and right at the same time. All experiences expand the one, but the path's taken to provide that expansion are unique, even if some people take the example of someone else as the absolute guideline to adhere to, even then will they have walked the path in their own way. Everyone has a different frame out of which they come forth, being the past (or parallel) lifetimes, which also means that everyone has different point's on which they wish to expand in each lifetime. Sure, there are many similarities between path's, wile at times they are very different.

Today we can see many people feeling very unsure about their own inclinations, unsure about who they are and unsure about what their purpose is. This has led to many people seeking shelter under the banner of others in order to hide within the believe systems generated by others. Sooner or later everyone is confronted with their own though, hence the saying ' Know thyself '. Getting to know our selves seems to be what every lifetime is aimed at. 

Sure, others can inspire us and lead until one feels strong enough to lead themselves so that one becomes sovereign in terms of deciding which is the path to walk to get to their self realization, and what some call enlightenment. The universal expands the most trough unique experiences, since what has come before is already known and can be called 'old news'.

Each soul is a unique aspect and spark of the 'all' are they not? Looking at the world we see there are already so many people flocking together and cloning what was already created. This world is in need for new idea's, new visions of what life can be, people who can think for themselves and who dare to innovate and chose for them selves instead of adopting the choices of another as a golden rule that has to be universalized. J.

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Comment by Amur on December 19, 2017 at 3:45am

Even in universities you see this. People just puppetting and rambling on formulas without truly understanding them. Actually this is seen all over humanity. I suppose the roads more trodden and mainstream is what makes them so easy to get into oneself. It's more difficult to make a new trail than just follow the mass.

Comment by flameinthesnow on December 15, 2017 at 5:43pm

And practical advice. :) 

Comment by flameinthesnow on December 15, 2017 at 5:36pm

Ancient wisdom that does not go out of style. 

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