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My spiritual journey starts off like this: I was raised in the Apostolic Pentecostal church where I first learned something about the bible. For 27 years, I stayed in this denomination of Christianity. I learned the indoctrination of the church. This indoctrination was that Jesus came to save me, I had to speak in tongues in order to be saved just like they did on the day of Pentecost, God lived on the inside of me, Jesus was born on Christmas day so we should celebrate this pagan holiday, Easter represented the day that Jesus resurrected, and we did not have to do the Old Testament law because Jesus fulfilled the law. that there was going to be a rapture one day to take us all away before the tribulation and the anti-Christ come, we were supposed to fast every time the pastor called a fast, we were not allowed to wear jewelry, and these men of the apostolic faith pretended that they were teaching the doctrine that the apostles taught.

In my 28th year, I found out about the Hebrew Israelites who exposed me to the Old testament law and showed me the true relationship between the Old and New Testament. This new group taught me to do the torah (Old Testament law) which is part of what the apostles taught. The teaching that they taught went along with the Zohar and the kabbalah concerning how to interpret the scriptures. The leadership did not want to teach me the Pardes Legend from the Zohar which connected their theology to the Kabbalah. Of course, in all actuality they would never admit this or teach the Zohar.

In the same year, I was exposed to Judaism and met a jewish man involved in Freemasonry. I learned a little bit of Judaism and went on to make friends with a freemason. I too did some research on the organization and liked what I had learned and decided to join the organization. I also did research on the Golden Dawn and the Halau and I am a member of each mystery school. (If asked if this is what the Lord had me to do, I will not claim so, but I am satisfied with the esoteric material I am learning. To this day, I am still in pursuit of learning the doctrine of the apostles/martyrs in the bible, and truth of what it means to be a child of Abraham!) For now, I am content learning the esoteric knowledge of freemasonry, Golden Dawn, and The Halua. 

In esoterics so far, I have learned the Hebrew alphabet and its correspondences, astrological symbols, rituals, basic gematria, the history of the modern church and its false doctrine, the journey of a neophyte and its goal, the history of degree work in esoteric communities, the lost books of the bible including the pseudepigrapha and apocrypha, Islam, Tarot and many other topics I am working on learning. My intent is to go on to know as many mysteries as possible and as much truth as possible. I hope to one day achieve a oneness with Elohim!

It is my hope that all men escape the lie of Christianity and come into truth of some sort. Let me know what you think!

Lawrence Thomas

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