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So I am going to throw a left hook here.
The basis for this is punch resides in the foundation of foot placement.

Humans are very adaptable. We don't need fur, or sharp teeth, yet we can inhabit and survive in pretty much every environment on the earth. In fact, there's a yearning to do so, as explorers, that exists innately within us.

When considering this endeavor to explore and expand consciousness, we seek teachers/masters to help direct the way.
Question, what are these teachers really made of? What is their purpose?
I would say someone who shares wisdom based on experience.
"I've been there and done that, so here is an option to help you progress".

That's kinda what happens right, generally speaking. Just straight up in life.
Lessons and teachers appear when the time is right. Positive or negative.

So before I go down a rabbit hole, there's some rather simple concepts that need to be stated. "Shamanistic" mindset comes to mind now.

If you are dealing with personal problems, personal questions, there's a good chance there has been someone else doing the same.
And if that person passed through that situation, then they probably know you better than you think.

Second, if you are looking for examples of transformation, regardless of who you are and what school of thought/philosophy you come from, there will always be the human.
So seek humans that have experienced extreme circumstances. Then ask and listen...

No schools, no lineages, no grand masters.
I'll put my faith in you.

Humans in horrible/beautiful circumstances:

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