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Let me say-
Human Consciousness ascends higher this day!
We have more ordeals and events coming our way!
Evil has more cards to play!
Strength! Unity! Grounded in Our Resolve We stay!

Have you noticed increase in UFO sighting and reports?
Cities in the clouds that float?
RA does not like an illusionary boat!
Blackouts in more airports?
Money bought verdicts from major courts?

Have you noticed two suns?
Planet X or evil having, with your mind, fun?
Chemtrails increase in grid runs?
Is Solar Shield real or a pun?

Why does NASA make an Alien Defense?
ETs bring us offence?
Hmmm! Does this make logical sense?
Hmmm! Attempts to make us upset and tense?
When will this movie in the sky commence?

Same behavior! Expect different results=Insanity!
Ego of greed, power and vanity?
Losing control over humanity!
Language chopped down as the norm is profanity!
We are strong in Unity! Climb higher! Wake Up Humanity!

Will Stone of Yellow in a decade blow?
Honest and Aware of Higher Self GNO!
Light bodies shine and grow!
What one reaps, one doth sew!
We have wisdom-our hearts know!

(written by margaretchristieburns 12/23/17-Dedicated to M.O.M)

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