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Dear world, I would like to speak to you about a very important subject to me. I hope my message reaches as many people, cultures, religions, and places as possible because my message is that of love.

My message is not of religion, or of converting any faith. My message isn't an attempt of changing your beliefs. This is purely an expression of what God is to me. I do not (metaphorically) stand in front of you as a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, or follower of Islam. If you must know I was born a Christian, but I do believe that all divine paths whether religious or purely spiritual will lead to the same beautiful grace of God that even evolution (nature's own spiritual path) leads all to. I cannot judge you for your beliefs, because all your beliefs are beautiful in their own way and paint a road ahead of you that will surely embrace you for everything that you are and give you the perfect lessons to find the truest beauty in all life. Let's set aside the explanations now... And let me paint you a picture of my world, allow me to touch you inner soul so that you may contemplate my words with a healthy open but questioning mind, and gaze upon the face of my God as I tell you what he is to me.

God... What a word, what an image, and what a powerful symbol. Whatever your view may be the power of even the mention of God has over this world, and has had for millennia past is undeniable. Who is this God? Is it even a he? Or maybe a she? Is it the Diana of the old religions? Or maybe Pan who can summarize the Gods of the pagans? Possibly Ra? Or Jesus? Or maybe it was Jesus' father God? Maybe it was Jehovah? Possibly Yod He Vau He? Well to be honest I see him as all those things. This creator God that we often hear of but never seem to understand is creation itself. He is the ever filling, ever flowing, beautiful, radiant sea of light which created all you see around us. He is birth, love, judgement, death, and all in between and after. How do I know this? Because he told me personally. He whispered to me through the walls of my very life, he questioned me through the words of my friends and family, taught me through the books of our scholars, and furiously tested me with hardships and intricately planned out lessons of fate and understanding.

He is all to me, and for ever will be. He is our Sun, he is the central Sun of the universe, he is the wind, and the life that breathes within all living creatures. Now before I go further in to this idea let me mention something for the ladies. Why must it be a HE God you ask and not a She God? Well... To simply explain it let's take a look at the spiritual path of human kind since the ice age. We begin with worship of the feminine, the Dianic religions of the old. The ideology behind it was simple and beautiful. Nature here on Earth was God to us because it was all we knew and all that existed in our minds. Women were (and still are) more intimately connected with the Earth and all nature in general. They are even connected to the cycles of the moon with their monthly cycles, and when those cycles paused and the energy was concentrated instead of released, life would be born! The people of the old didn't have a good understanding of male fertility at the time and the ever beautiful life giving feminine (over all in the end can be considered as Diana the Goddess of that era) was the most cherished divine. Now humanity has a very bad tendency to forget about the beautiful things they had after they find something else to amuse their mind with. The next era that came was a pretty balanced era as far as worship went. Advances in agriculture (the science of farming) allowed humanity to see that even though the feminine nature of our earth was the beautiful womb of infinite life there was something that it needed in order to work. What was this? Seasons, it was the power of the father Sun that would penetrate the womb and seeds of our mother and fertilize it with it's semen of life. The feminine was the cradle of life but the masculine was the catalyst for that life. The people of that pre-christian era fully understood this balance and embraced it with all their hearts, but then something amazing and terrible happened. The birth of the Chrislamew path, or the religions that follow the great book of God that is the bible. The original purpose of these religions was to summarize all the spirituality that we have known and learned throughout our eras of studying natural and what seems like super-natural forces. To be completely honest it was probably one of the most beautiful ideas and concepts the Western world has ever come up with. The original devotion of being a good person and following in the actions and ideologies of Jesus, Moses, and all the saints was a marvelous way to encourage the people to bring divine love in to their life, a divine love which understood nature and interconnection. So where did this all go wrong?How did we go from loving the feminine and masculine to summarizing it in to something so beautiful, and then afterwords condemning the feminine to suffer as being lower than the masculine and starting countless religious wars of power, money, and control? Well... To be honest... It was a long and treacherous chain of world events and political figures not yet ready to allow their people the freedom of love and compassion. They needed control over our God still. Not to point fingers but to bring about a good example of these political figures let us turn to Pope Gregory. Historically he is the one who is responsible for things like the Gregorian chant, our current Gregorian calendar that we still use today (and is used on us for perfect control over our tax revenue producing days), and even the use of the Crucifix. Now Gregory was a pretty fucked up fellow if I do say so without any hate lol. At his time there was a big split in the world of Jesus. There was the half that believed you should follow in Jesus' good example, be a good person, and then enter heaven for having done such good in this world and serving the divine grace of God (seems pretty logical and awesome, right?). As far as the historical accuracy of the bible went this half of Christianity was allowed to contemplate and choose their own belief as to the historical accuracy. The one thing they all agreed upon is that the bible is a divine work of art that allows us to learn from the purest of idols. Pope Gregory on the other hand pushed for a different view. His logic (or so he claimed) was that since Adam had committed the original sin, we are all born of sin, and the female that tempted us in to sin is inferior for such. He told the people we need to repent, we need to give up our lives as slaves to this cruel condemning God or else he will send us to burn in Hell. He literally created hell on earth by creating such a strong concept in the mental plane of the people. The main purpose of following Jesus by Gregory's standards was not to follow in Jesus' good foot steps and be a good person but to be a slave to God and his clergy, accept that he died for or sins, admit that you are a terrible sinning being of Satan's plan, and that you must live in misery and apologize for every thing you ever do. I would also like to point out that the Monarchy was said by Gregory to be "appointed by God and guaranteed entry in to Heaven no matter how horrible a sin they commit, because they have already been chose by God for his divine grace." At his point in history is when we begin using the crucified Jesus rather than the just the cross itself (which in spiritual symbolism predated the existence of the bible and was adapted by the beautiful summarization of spirituality that the bible originally served).

So... Religion is beautiful, politicians and men of power are not. My God is of Yang energy, which is masculine in nature and when a soul is Yang driven will manifest in a male body, BUT! There is a big but. My God's world, the infinite release of his love, and his passion, his partner, his wife, and his everything, is his Goddess. She is just as important as God, she may not be the masterminding architect of creation but she is the one who cares and nurtures and loves for him. She is the material that gives form to the energy. She embodies all that is from which he creates. They are beautiful and equal in nature, just as Einstein stated "E=MC^2", basically meaning Energy = Matter. There is no matter (Yin) without energy (Yang), my God is nothing without his beautiful and loving wife. So where does that leave their children?

Where do we stand as humanity then? Are we slaves of God? Are we supposed to worship him and give up all our money to him? Are we supposed to fear him? Maybe we should try to quantify him and call him Science? What is our relation to God in my eyes? Well... He's been waiting a long time. He's been very alone, for we have separated ourselves from him (or at least created an illusion that he is separate from us). We pushed him out of our world through fear and manipulation, we have tarnished his beautiful name and left him a beaten forgotten God that is so ever lonely... So ever depressed and in pain, just as his people are in pain without him. He weeps through the tears of the repressed, he is in agony from the depression our mothers, sisters, brothers, and fathers suffering... He's been waiting a very long time for us to realize that he is all and we are part of him. Not sinners, not creatures of darkness and hate, but truly beautiful divine beings of the love between him and our mother nature. We are his children, his ears, his eyes, his heart, soul, words, and will. We are his hands, and we are his princes in the hierarchy of creation. When you accept him in to your world for all that is he, for the beautiful cycle of creation, evolution, love, and coexistence with everything, then he will embrace you with open arms. He is a loving God, always guiding his children, and he is a forgiving God, for he will shower you with all his grace and beauty. He will teach you all you wish to know, he will give you all you desire, and he will love you as you will love him.

Listen... Just listen... He's speaking right now through these words that you read, he speaks every day through the people you speak with, through the events of the world, through the silence of nature which surpasses even words. He's been displaying himself to you in all that you see so you may remember that he loves you and needs you just as we need him. This... is my God.

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Comment by Being on February 10, 2012 at 5:15pm

Well done.

For me True Self, God by any name is He, She, It, All and everything, All No-Thing.

Bless You.

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